Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Warmer In 2019 Reviews

Breast milk is essential to babies due to the nutrients they contain. Some women can breast pump several times a day while others’ breast pump occasionally. There is a need for a baby bottle warmer that can help in storing the breast pump and for reheating before administering to the baby after storage. Reheating can get done using stoves by heating gently so as not to interfere with the enzymes and nutrients. It is not permitted to use microwave while heating the breast pump as they tend to destroy the nutrients through the use of the radiation. Purchasing a baby bottle warmer is more beneficial even though not everyone needs the same baby bottle warmer. Below is a guide for the top 10 best baby bottle warmers.

Factors to consider when selecting the best baby bottle warmer

Ease to operate: A bottle warmer should be easy to use even from the outlook since most parents are not scientists. Most baby bottle warmers have an off and on knobs that need to be rotated while using or closing.

Slow heating: Most people tend to like doing things faster and therefore might prefer a fast heating bottle warmer, but this should not be the case. Overheating can lead to the killing of the nutrients; therefore a slow bottle warmer is preferred.

Temperature control: The temperatures of the breast pump vary since most mothers do not measure the temperatures of the milk upon pumping into the bottle. Most babies prefer their breast milk at different temperatures. Some bottle warmers can as well accommodate this.

Price: Bottle warmers vary in prices. Even though most of us do not prefer the most expensive warmers, but we wish to have the best of all. The cheapest, on the other hand, is not satisfactory to most; therefore, you should evaluate your priorities and compare with the budget.

Compact design: It is preferred when you have a bottle warmer that takes little space within your kitchen. It also eases the warming of breast milk.

Top 10 best baby bottle warmers

10. Baby Bottle and Food Warmer, GoGo Pure

Baby Bottle and Food Warmer, GoGo Pure
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It is sturdy with a safe upgraded heating system that takes 3 minutes to warm 4 ounces of milk. This warmer has been tested at ETL laboratory and certified by ETL INTERTEK where it has met all safety standards published by the nationally recognized testing laboratory. GoGo is a trusted quality with high star ratings. Has three heat settings that can be operated using one hand, (warm, gentle heating and fast heating). It fits most baby food jars and bottles. It contains a bottle and tight ring that keeps it in position during warming. You can prevent the water from spilling by setting at a slightly lower temperature.

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  • High quality with 90% customer ratings
  • More powerful than most warmers with a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit it can quickly boil 3 to 5 ounces of milk in a few minutes.
  • Easy to use
  • Space saving due to the small design
  • Can fit most baby size bottles and food jars
  • Secured with a ring and a basket to enable proper positioning during warming, Prevents hot water from splashing out


  • Requires slightly higher voltage to operate

9. YISSVIC Baby Bottle Warmer,Freezing, Yogurt Maker

YISSVIC Baby Bottle Warmer,Freezing, Yogurt Maker
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It is a 3 in 1 upgraded electric machine that can also cool milk and prepare yogurt. Yissvic uses three operating modes. Its adapter makes it portable thus; help in warming of the milk when travelling in cars and even in homes. It can warm milk to the suitable temperatures for the babies and freeze the excess for storage purposes at lower temperatures where microbial contaminations are minimal, rendering the milk safe for next interval consumption. The machine can take 8 hours to make yogurt and automatically keep it at cool temperatures as the fridges.


  • Provides excellent and nutritious food tastes
  • The portable adapter makes it convenient to use. has a standard capacity
  • Requires low power to operate
  • Can prepare yogurt, cool or warm the milk. The milk is heated gradually. Therefore, fewer nutrients get lost
  • Can work with all baby bottles and most food jars


  • Making of the yogurt and its cooling takes long.

8. Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer

Bubos Smart Fast Heating Baby Bottle Warmer
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The BPA free electric steam warming system heats the breast milk and the babies complementary foods evenly and gently in a few minutes. It contains a basket that can sanitize pacifiers and warm the infants’ food jars. It works with all the baby bottles and food jars thereby highly compatible. After heating the milk, it automatically switches off.


  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • Universally compatible
  • Safe to use
  • Warms quickly and evenly


  • None

7. Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer

Elechomes Baby Bottle Warmer
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These 6 in 1 multifunctional LED digit bottle can boil the eggs, defrost the container, defrost frozen foods, brew formula, heat the baby foods and also as a bottle warmer for both breast milk. The warmer sterilizes the bottle using steam. Elechomes is designed to accommodate two bottles simultaneously during warming. It is considered better for twins or an extra hungry baby for continuous and faster feeding. The big size can withstand containers of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

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  • Accurate temperature control
  • Has safe twin bottle warmer.
  • Steam sterilizer
  • Easy to operate


  • Consumes space as compared to the other bottle warmers

6. KOLAMAMA Baby Bottle Warmer

KOLAMAMA Baby Bottle Warmer
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It is a 4 in 1 multifunctional baby bottle which warms the bottle, steam sterilizer, baby food warmer and the smart thermostat warmer. It is simple, money saving and can warm food faster. The water insulation method is considered healthier for most infants. It requires a little amount of water to steam up and heat baby food and milk. Kolamama can help keep the food warm for more than 6 hours thus continuous feeding of the baby. It can automatically turn off after heating the baby food.


  • More accurate in temperature sensing
  • Simple to operate
  • Cost-effective


  • None

5. Jervis and George Baby Bottle Warmer

Jervis and George Baby Bottle Warmer
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Jervis and George are alerting count down timer that controls the temperature and sterilizes the bottle makes it outstanding. It can heat as fast as 8 ounces of breast milk for 3 minutes due to the evenly warming throughout the bottle. Also, Jervis and George can both function as a steady water bath heater or a faster steam based heater. This is known to defrost, heat and keep your milk or food warm thus a multifunctional bottle warmer. It’s double and therefore can meet most requirements you may need. More so, it’s useful as you can set your temperatures and wait for it to warm even without your presence.


  • Double bottled
  • Easy to operate
  • Has a count down timer that can work without your supervision
  • Has a basket to hold the bottles
  • Compatible and can work with most bottle sizes.


  • None

4. Bottle Warmer, Fast Heating Bottle Warmer

Bottle Warmer, Fast Heating Bottle Warmer
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The 6 in 1 multifunctional bottle with a temperature touch panel LCD helps in reducing the wastage in the conversion of temperature units. This feature helps in easy grasping of the temperature changes during the heating. The upgraded bottle warmer uses a transparent glass LCD panel that can control all the functions with the four introduction keys. It looks beautiful and durable than the others since it lacks the physical buttons.

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  • Saves time due to its touch sensing control
  • Can heat the breast milk to a natural breast temperature due to its thermostat.
  • Ease feeding calculation through its touch sensing control
  • Dust prevention through the lids benefit


  • Has no temperature guide

3. Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and bottom warmer

Gourmia Jr. Baby Bottle Sterilizer and bottom warmer
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These 4 and six bottles sterilizing chamber disinfect bottles, saves space and the warming formula ensures your baby get a germ free baby bottle. It is also a multifunction device; thus all that you can achieve what you expect from a baby bottle. Also, you are promised safety the moment you purchase it due to the ETL satisfaction.


  • Convenient and safe to use
  • Slow and quick warm capabilities
  • Sterilizes four to six bottles making it easy to use
  • It defrosts baby’s food thus preserves food nutrients.


  • Does not dry only sterilizes

2. Baby Joy Baby bottle electric steam sterilizer

Baby Joy Baby bottle electric steam sterilizer
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The 3 in 1 modular electric machine gives you the best experience when it comes to the baby bottle warmer. You can use it for steam sterilizer, bottle warmer and food warmer. With this device, 99.9% of germs get killed by its full steam and sterilizes all corners of the item. It means that your baby gets protected against viruses and harmful bacterial hence securing their health.


  • Its ergonomic shapes make it easier to carry
  • Can hold up to 10 bottles at once
  • Not only sterilizes but also dries
  • Has a temperature guide


  • None

1. Wabi baby electric steam sterilizer and dryer

Wabi baby electric steam sterilizer and dryer
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This Wabi baby product has a smart sensor that turns off automatically after 8 to 15 minutes of sterilizing. It fits a maximum of 8 bottles and has a temperature control setting for drying, descaling, and auto-shut off.


  • Versatile. You can sterilize everything necessary for your infant
  • Easy to use due to the ease loading bottle chamber
  • Increased air flowing speed due to its air rotator
  • Micro-biologically tested and approved by the 3rd party lab


  • You cannot load bottles in the chamber sitting on top of the base unit.


If you are searching for a multi-functional baby bottle warmer, it is better to consider the above-reviewed bottle warmers. You may consider their holding capacity and temperature control setting, but your baby’s health is of great concern; that is why you should find the best baby bottle warmers.

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