Top 10 Best Bathroom Cabinet Standing In 2019 Reviews

Just like the kitchen cabinets change the looks of your house, bathroom cabinets also changes the mood of your bathroom. Its storage does not matter whether you need more storage space or remodeling your bathroom but placing your bathroom in an organized manner is essential. Although there are different varieties of cabinets from simple to modern, finding the best bathroom cabinet standing can be so tricky in matters of space, design, and quality. Below are the top best bathroom cabinet standing that you should consider and what to look for before purchasing.

Factors to consider while selecting bathroom cabinet standings

Material quality:  Material quality determines the durability of the cabinet. You may consider processed or hardwood which is then commonly used but the most prestigious material to use is a genuine wood. Knowing the construction material will help you budget for the cabinet price which simplifies your purchasing process.

Capacity: Some cabinets have small storage capacity; you should consider one that has a larger storage capacity especially if you have lots of stuff for storage.

Style: Cabinets come in different styles which include both material and color. For instance, the modern cabinets are of monochromatic colors and sleek materials whereas the traditional cabinets have embellished trim work and classic lines.

Top 10 best bathroom cabinet standings

10. mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower
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It is a taupe or white four removable drawers made of a sturdy steel frame, woven synthetic fabric, and a durable MDF wood top. The feet are made of plastics to prevent scratching of floors. Its a slim and lightweight storage cabinet that can fit even corridors and still leave some space. The wooden top acts as a hard surface where you can keep your books and lambs when not in use. It has pull handles in each of the drawers thus enabling opening and closing of the drawers simpler. It is designed to fit almost all rooms in the house and operatable by anybody from children to adults.


  • Quality and durable construction
  • Stylish, smart storage
  • Four removable, easy to open and close drawers
  • Functional and versatile
  • Thoroughly sized to fit most rooms
  • Easy to clean using a damp cloth and left to air dry


  • None

9. VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage

VASAGLE Bathroom Floor Cabinet Storage
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Its made of white UBBC43WT wooden shutter door with a drawer. It can withstand dumpiness and prevent mildew within the bathroom thus easy to clean and maintain. Vasagle contains a shutter door cupboard with two compartments and a drawer thus ample space utilization within even though it’s slim, but it uses the available space economically. The color of this bathroom cabinet can accommodate most bathroom color schemes. The parts of the cabinet are numbered for easy distinguishing when assembling. Its organization includes the anti-toppling fittings to enable its safe use.


  • Mildew resistant material
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves space with a large storage capacity
  • Guide for assembling using the numbered parts
  • Anti-toppling fittings for safe use
  • Perfect fit for any living room due to the accommodative color


  • The shelf inside is irremovable
  • Currently, the models are all white colored.

8. Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Tangkula Bathroom Floor Cabinet
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It is a single shuttered white door wooden free standing storage organizer cabinet for multifunctional home living rooms. Tangkula has an adjustable interior shelf and a removable drawer that can hold a good capacity and make your storage more organized. It is sturdy, and moisture proof due to the dust-coated particleboard and bamboo thus long lasting under the humid environments. It is easy to assemble and use it manually.


  • Customer oriented customer services and shipping
  • Its parts are easy to assemble and use
  • Moisture and waterproof
  • Durable and can last even under humid environments
  • Organized and simple design with a good holding capacity
  • Multi-functional use in both living room, bedroom and bathrooms


  • Unbuilt shipping

7. SPIRICH Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet

SPIRICH Bathroom Storage Floor Cabinet
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It is a white free standing with single drawer and adjustable shelves made from a quality manufactured stylish wood lines tempered glass and classic silver made from the hardware. These features make the bathroom floor storage cabinet more durable, modern fashioned and stylish which saves space due to the small dimensions. It contains a drawer and inbuilt adjustable shelves with a Moru tempered glass door and frame. Its parts are numbered and distinguished during assembling.


  • Durable and stylish quality
  • Functional and fashionable storage cabinet
  • Space Saver
  • Small space effortless storage
  • Step by step guide for easy assembling of the parts


  • Caution for toppling as this can cause damages

6. Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet

Homfa Bathroom Floor Cabinet
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It is a white single door free-standing multifunctional bathroom storage. It consumes little space within the house and used as a decoration for their attractive nature of the white colored paint that accommodates most wall, and floor paints apart from the storage use. Homfa offers spacious storage space with the adjustable spacer plate that is two-tiered on the lower lockers. Its multifunctional stage cabinet made of a premium MDF that is user-friendly and can last longer. The top part can also act as a storage part of either a book of a family photo.


  • Made from a high-quality material
  • Spacious storage space
  • Attractive and simple style
  • Space Saver
  • Multi-functional storage cabinet


  • .None

5. Yaheetech bathroom floor storage cabinet

Yaheetech bathroom floor storage cabinet
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Unlike other cabinets, these yaheetech products make your life very comfortable due to is adjustable shelves. Its made of P2 MDF and PVC material with a total dimension of 17.7 x 11.9 x 31” making it perfect for your little space in the bathroom. One of its most outstanding features is the adjustment of the shelves behind the closed doors according to your stuff. More so, the open shelf can be used for books, towels, and other stuff thus providing ample storage space. Also, you do not have to go through the problem of calling someone else to assemble it for you. Just use its details instructions that come with the package to handle everything.


  • The moisture resistant design and the smooth surface coating makes it easy to clean.
  • This cabinet is also durable due to the CARB P2 MDF material
  • You can quickly assemble it and use
  • Its design makes it perfect for small bathrooms space.


  • The door is not reversible.

4. Sauder 414032 caraway floor cabinet

Sauder 414032 caraway floor cabinet
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This cabinet shelf comes with a reversible shelf that opens either right or left. It also has adjustable shelves so you can organize all of your bathroom stuff in them. Also, you can clean it quickly as its gallery top is of faux slate finish and its soft white finish also made of slate finish accent. Its painted white color makes it compatible with any home decor, and the frame and panel door composed of beadboard insert increases its longevity,


  • The compact size makes it suitable for any bathroom
  • Has an excellent finishing and color thus ideal for your decor
  • Stylish and functional therefore necessary for your bathroom


  • Heavy soakings and steam reduce the cabinets longevity.

3. VASAGLE UBCB60W Bathroom floor storage cabinet

VASAGLE UBCB60W Bathroom floor storage cabinet
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If you are looking for significant storage capacity storage cabinet, then UBCB60W is the right cabinet for your bathroom. It provides extra space and for all your bathroom stuff. Also, its fiberboards materials make it suitable for long term use, and the two interior design with adjustable doors makes it perfect for your family. Due to the high humidity temperatures in the bathroom, it is of high-quality material to withstand high temperatures and its set up guidance also included.


  • The cabinet is easy to set up and maintain.
  • Durable due to the high standard MDF material used
  • It’s sturdy enough
  • Compatible with little bathroom spaces


  • Not thick enough to hold men and ladies shoes.

2. VASAGLE free standing bathroom storage cabinet

VASAGLE free standing bathroom storage cabinet
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It is a free-standing cabinet with hassle-free storage space with a beautiful design for your bathroom. Its stable construction ensures that it provides you with a safe environment and gives you an alternative of fixing it to the wall. More so, it’s very durable as it is of premium MDF material thus promising its longevity.


  • Drawers easily slide thus easy to use
  • It’s also flexible and sturdy enough
  • You can easily set it up
  • Compatible with your little bathroom space.


  • Not waterproof

1. CrazyLynx free-standing wooden cabinet

CrazyLynx free-standing wooden cabinet
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It is a free-standing cabinet with four drawers making it perfect for all your bathroom stuff. They are multifunction and also used in the bedroom, drawing room, or whatever place you will find it fit. More so, they are environmental and user-friendly as its finish does not harm. This bathroom cabinet standing has an adjustable shelf size which you will personally select while assembling the cabinet.


  • Durable due to its natural wooden MDF material
  • Adjustable shelves and height thus you design it fitting your needs
  • Easy to assemble as it has a user manual for assembling
  • Its compact design makes it suitable for your bathroom


  • None


It is true that bathrooms are incomplete without cabinets. Whether you consider deep cabinets or the one that has to pull out and adjustable drawers, the above top ten best bathroom cabinet standing gives you the choices you need. Consider going through the review above to get the best drawer for your bathroom and its features if you understand their maintenance.

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