Top 10 Best Colors Eyeshadow Palettes in 2020 Reviews

In case you are looking for colors Eyeshadow palette, this guide will help you in selecting the best. Getting ideal Eyeshadow palettes might be hard at times especially if you are not conversant with the skin tones. Another reason why shopping becomes difficult is that there are so many Eyeshadow palettes available today. Getting the best for you, therefore, becomes a daunting task.
In this article, we have taken time to research what is being offered in the online stores. For that reason, therefore, there will be no need for you to do further research. We came up with a review of the best colors Eyeshadow palettes available today. Reading these reviews, therefore, gives you the assurance of getting your best match.

The Best Colors Eyeshadow Palettes Reviews

10. Aesthetica BE Eyeshadow Palette - 9 Shades - Glitter & Matte Eye Shadow Kit

The Aesthetica eyeshadow palette will be your kit of choice to build and blend infinite looks. With ultra-pigmented color will glide on the eyes smoothly and also stay in place throughout the day. You will be able to select from the three collections commonly known as “be fierce”, “be natural” and “be bold.” For those people looking to create some diversity of the neutral and the rich tone effects, this will be the right pick. The kit arrives complete with a metallic & matte shade both for day and night looks. You will also appreciate that it is made with rich ingredients which are cruelty-free.


  • Ideal for blending the infinite looks with the help of its nine unique colors which stay in place throughout the day
  • Choose from the three collections of BE BOLD, BE NATURAL and BE FIERCE
  • Create some diversity from neutral to richly-toned effects based on your mood
  • Made with the finest ingredients, which are parabens & cruelty-free to blend beautifully


  • The packaging feels durable but unfortunately it is not

9. Sienna Blaire Beauty Eyeshadow Palette with 35 Color Shades for Women

This is a skin-friendly palette kit which has a maximum of 35 shades and arrives in a very slim and compact case. This, therefore, means that it can be easily carried in the handbag as you travel. If you are a beginner in the eye makeup field, this will be the ideal kit for you. This is a great palette which helps to add glam to your look amid the wedding makeup, party makeup, and even casual makeup. If you are among the people who want to have a memorable look with some bright and bold colors, this will be a good pick. The good thing is that it is very easy to apply and very simple to blend too.


  • Creates a memorable look with its bright & bold colors not forgetting that is easy to apply and has a simple blending
  • Perfect gift for your girlfriend, your sister and even your mother on different occasions and to the makeup lovers
  • Ideal for adding glam during wedding parties, casual makeups as well as party makeups
  • The kit is recommended for everyone who is beginning on eye makeup


  • None identified as at now

8. MSJiA Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette, Long Lasting Shades & Waterproof Cosmetics Set

This is a colorful eyeshadow which comes with 25 vibrant colors which range from white to black. In essence, it comes with all that you need to transfer to the eyelids. This is a highly-pigmented eye shadow which will assist you to create a mesmerizing look. The good thing is that it is very affordably-priced.
It comes with a quality formula which makes it so smooth and super creamy as well making it easy to blend. These shadows are very easy to apply to whether wet or dry which helps to achieve different looks. With its rich ingredients, you will achieve a very simple but elegant look.


  • It is possible to create infinite looks with the 25 pop colors which are cool and stunning
  • These matte & shimmer has a quality formula which is smooth and super creamy making it so easy to blend
  • This colorful eyeshadow palette comprises of 25 vibrant colors and has all that you need to get to your eyelids
  • Very pigmented & durable eye shadows which can be applied easily not forgetting that they are very easy to wash off


  • There is none for now

7. FindinBeauty 35 Colors Eyeshadow Golden Palette - Bright Natural Shades

This is a professional eyeshadow palette which comes with 16 colors which assure you of a good look. One unique thing about this palette is that it can be used during spring, winter, summer, and autumn. You also do not have to worry about the pricing since it is very affordable even for people shopping under tight budgets. This eyeshadow makeup has so many options for the users to select from. Apart from that, it is very simple to apply and blend as well. Additionally, this eyeshadow palette comes in a very slim and compact case allowing you to carry it everywhere you go.


  • This eyeshadow has so many options to pick from keeping in mind also that it is easy to apply and blend too
  • These warm colors are so perfect for all the four seasons due to its versatile design
  • Very pigmented & durable eye shadows which can be easily applied wet or even dry for different looks
  • Buy with confidence since there is a customer satisfaction guarantee and a professional customer service team


  • Poor packaging such that the product might arrive damaged

6. Docolor Tropical Eyeshadow Palette, 34 Color Highly-Pigmented Professional Makeup

On the sixth rank according to this review is the Docolor eyeshadow palette which arrives as a 34-color palette. You can, therefore, be able to create infinite looks which will definitely be stunning and cool. The good thing about this palette is that it is very easy to apply and blend. If you are looking for eyeshadow colors which are highly-pigmented for long-lasting results, this will be an ideal pick. These eyeshadow colors are smooth and will make you look attractive all the time. What’s more, the customer support team is very friendly and welcoming as well.


  • Suitable for different occasions & will easily match all the summer looks
  • Highly pigmented and long-lasting colors which are not that easy to drop or fly
  • Healthy and safe ingredients with great quality to create perfect eye makeup
  • Friendly after-sales services with a reliable support team


  • There were complains that it was chalky and patchy

5. Cleof Original Mermaid Glitter Palette - Cruelty-Free with 32 Colors, Waterproof and Long-Lasting

Finally, we have a highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette which allows you to come up with the most mesmerizing looks. You will be able to make both day and night looks which shall impress everyone. The combination of the pressed glitter, versatile shades and the bold colors will take your looks to a new level. You will appreciate that this palette has blendable as well as sift colors which will work perfectly for the face, nails and even the nails. Another great feature about this mermaid palette is that it is very easy to apply and later wash off. Although the price is a bit high, you will get value for your money.


  • This is a highly-pigmented palette which allows you to come up with mesmerizing looks
  • It offers you unparalleled convenience and versatility since it is very smooth and also easy to blend
  • This is a safe & non-toxic eyeshadow palette which is made with quality ingredients
  • Perfect gift for your wife, daughter, mother, girlfriend or sister


  • It is relatively pricey

4. MISKOS Glitter Eyeshadow Pallet, Long-Lasting and Waterproof Makeup Kit

This is another eyeshadow palette which comes with 30 colors with a super soft touching. The palette can be used for lips, the cheeks, the lips and most importantly for all skin types. If you want to have an easier application, always use the silicone brush to make the application uniform. You will appreciate that this palette comes in a waterproof casing which guarantees that it lasts longer. The eyeshadow palette is ideal for different occasions among them being personal use, salons, cosplay, and even Halloween. The after-sales services are also excellent from this brand.


  • Waterproof and long-lasting smooth-textured powder which allows your makeup last longer
  • Ideal for professional salons, cosplay, Christmas festivals, Halloween among other occasions
  • The company has quality guarantee system and perfect after-sales service giving you enough buying confidence
  • It is blendable and highly-pigmented for a good and attractive look


  • Glitter falls off easily

3. CHARMCODE 18 Colors Eyeshadow Palette, Highly-Pigmented Powder Pallet

This palette has actually been inspired by the blooming roses as it combines 18 eyeshadow in three textures. It features cruelty-free and lightweight formula to make sure that you do not get any skin irritations. The application too is something which you will definitely enjoy doing. The waterproof and long-lasting design for this eyeshadow palette is another thing you will definitely like about it. For that reason, you can be sure to apply this makeup without falling off the whole day. Apart from that, it comes with 6 pcs. Brushes which are easy to carry and convenient to use.


  • The product is beautiful and of good quality, so the manufacturer is sure you will like it. There will be no reason to return
  • Easy to carry with 6 pcs. Brushes which make sure that you can apply it even while on the go
  • Waterproof & long-lasting design without falling off throughout the day
  • High-pigmented powder which combines 18 eyeshadow in three textures


  • There were complains that the customer service was a bit poor

2. Prism Makeup 39 Colors Eyeshadow Palette - Long Lasting and Waterproof Cosmetics

This is a versatile eyeshadow palette which comes in 39 colors so that you can achieve whatever look you wish for. With its perfect color combination, it is possible to create some dramatic look. Apart from that, this is a great pick for everyone who likes to explore the makeup artistry. The eyeshadows are very easy to blend and can be applied wet or dry. Its reasonable color combination and the highly-pigmented shadows will make your eyes look more vibrant. The eyeshadow palette will be ideal for occasions like salons, weddings, and even casual use too.


  • Made with healthy and high-quality ingredients with a long-lasting and waterproof formula
  • This eyeshadow palette might get damaged amid shipping but there is no need to worry since the manufacturer has a solution for you
  • This palette can be applied on the top lip, the face, legs, and the body as well
  • Rich color and easy blendability to give you a vivid and vibrant look


  • Fade and a chalky color after application

1. Beauty Glazed Eyeshadow Makeup - 63 Colors w/Professional Brushes Set

Finally, on this list, we have the Beauty Glazed palette which is super-pigmented and soft too. For that reason, it will be very easy to layer and blend which makes most people confident with this product. The long-lasting design for this color will make it stay in place for the whole day. It also comes with 63 shades with some pop colors which will give you a stunning look. Among the suitable occasions to apply this eyeshadow include parties, salons, casual use and many more. It is also made with healthy and safe ingredients so you do not get any irritations.


  • It can be applied on the top lip, the face, on the legs and the body due to its versatility
  • Comes with 63 shades which gives you an endless list of looks for different occasions
  • Long-lasting color which stays in place throughout the day giving you value for money
  • Super-pigmented, soft and also smooth which is easy to layer and blend as well


  • You must be careful when using it as it can hurt the eyes

Factors to consider when buying colors eyeshadow palettes

Skin undertones

Selecting an eyeshadow palette will mainly rely on the skin undertone. That will determine the kind of colors which complement you. If you are looking to get the cool undertones, colors like pink, red and also blue will work perfectly. For the warm undertones, you need to select yellow and golden colors. Most importantly, you are supposed to pick those colors which are matching your skin undertone.

The color of your eye

This is another key determinant when deciding on the makeup color to choose. You can opt for the conventional smoky eyes in case it matches the eye color. The blue eyes will pop against colors like golden, taupe and bronze colors.

Your preferred style

Fashion and trends in the beauty industry are other contributing factors to your selection. This is because you need to select something which matches well with your personal style. In case you are a lover of the eyeshadow palettes, little tweaks can be done through adding those color combinations which define your style.


As we said earlier, getting the best eyeshadow palette has never been an easy task. In some instances, you will require professional assistance to make sure you select the best items. All the same, our summary on the best colors eyeshadow palettes will be of much help to you as a buyer. We only selected those products made by reputable manufacturers to give you enough buying confidence. What we only urge you to do is read through these reviews to know what works for you. We believe that this review has at least one item which will match your expectations.

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