Top 10 Best Darts Set in 2020 Reviews

Many darts players find it challenging to purchase a new dart. And that can be a big problem because how will they advance their skills to a higher level? It is due to those reasons that we have offered you the best guidelines. Darts come in different types, such as brass, nickel, wood, tungsten, and much more. You will find tungsten darts to be very expensive and also of high quality, but still, some various brands and models work the same as them. Although there is a significant difference between the materials used to make different brands, the decision lies in your hands and budget. In that case, we are providing you with a darts set that meets your needs and budget, and we hope they are the best alternatives for considerations.

#10. Sanfeng Soft Tip Darts Set

Are you looking forward to getting on the next level of your game? Sanfeng darts with the barrel is the best solution. It is of aluminum hence unbreakable and increased durability. More so, the darts shafts have locking holes and o-rings. Meaning you can use other steel tips to tighten the lasts much longer. Furthermore, its deep groove design makes it easy to control. You will fly it straight, stable, and hit the bull’s eye more often. Additionally, the design standard flights you with an accurate balance and accuracy, thus increasing the speed. Furthermore, it weighs 20 grams with soft tip darts hence suitable for all skill levels players. Lastly, you can carry it anywhere because all the accessories get stored in a box case.


  • Comes with a.portable storage box
  • High-quality aluminum shafts hence durable
  • Suits all skill levels player
  • A guarantee of 3-years warranty included


  • Flights break easily

#9. Fat Cat Realtree APC Darts Set

Designed with high quality in mind, this GLD product has nickel silver plated barrels that offer exceptional balance. Each barrel has strategically placed knurled bands, grooves, and rings that provide excellent gripping points. More so, the shafts are of aluminum with locking holes to allow a tighter fitting hence improved stability. Meaning, they need to tighten the shafts during the play reduces significantly. Other additional accessories in this set include 2BA dart points, dart mechanic wrench, flights, and curved nylon shafts. Lastly, the hardshell case will store your accessories and darts safely.


  • Precision engineered grip for a consistent throw
  • Aerodynamic build hence increases the speed
  • High-speed flights thus convenient for use
  • Strong and durable


  • Small grip area

#8. WINSDART Steel Tip Darts Set

The only way to sharpen your target and movement accuracy are by the WINSDART set. Each piece has optimum balance, grip, speed, and weight. With so many overlapping curves on it, it offers excellent stability and grips. Furthermore, the shafts are of aluminum making hence does not easily break. The non-slip iron barrels will provide you with exceptional balance and styling as each dart weighs 22 grams. More so, it comes in a storage case, which makes it easy to store and also a perfect gift. Finally, the set includes 18 regular flights in two different styles, darts sharpener, and 12 plastic shafts. They work perfectly in bars, clubs, and even companies with free darts.


  • Easy-grip and control
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Strong and durable
  • Environmental friendly materials
  • Has a 3-year warranty


  • None

#7. ANSOWNY Darts for Electronic Dartboard

The ANSOWNY is a 12 pack set designed for the electronic dartboard. The revolutionary design used offers maximum control providing excellent gripping points hence increased speed. Meaning you will have more control of the flight path of the darts. Its construction makes it better than the previous set. More so, they are suitable for professional use, bar, household, and much more. The dart shafts are of 2BA aluminum to offer soft tip much hence more durable than the PVC rods. Lastly, the barrels are of brass plated steel with anti-slip design for maximum balance and steady.


  • One year limited warranty
  • Used for professional and recreational activities
  • Comes with thirty extra dart flights
  • Comes with a delicate box for easy access and transportation


  • The tip breaks easily

#6. SHOT TAKER CO. EST. 2017 Darts Set

Are you looking for a complete set to split into four teams? Shot taker is the best alternative for you because it is a great entry-level dart. Meaning even beginners can compete. Also, the 50 replacement tips make it even more convenient because you can replace it once the tip starts bending. Additionally, the straight tips give you a higher chance to score more. The complete package comes with 12 silver color, 50 black 2BA tips, with flights in red, yellow, blue, and black. The tip of the dart is very soft; hence you can only use it on the electronic or plastic dartboard. In conclusion, the children can also play with this dart, but you have to supervise them while playing.


  • Secure grip on its barrel
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Perfect for electronic and plastic dartboards
  • Strong and durable


  • The package may come with missing parts

#5. CENTAUR 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts

The CENTAUR darts set suits all level darts enthusiasts. This set includes everything that you need to improve your game. The steel tip barrels ensure that the dart does not fall off. The set consists of 12 frosted PVC shafts and 12 piece steel tip barrels. The dart shafts are of unbreakable and durable material that prevents the flights from losing while throwing.
Moreover, The thickened pro dart flights will help to increase speed and flight protective to prevent it from getting damaged. Meaning your dart will always remain on the shape and keep the balance. You can consider it a perfect gift for your birthday or use it as a professional player or just for fun.


  • The dart is of premium steel barrel
  • Durable plastic dart case for secure
  • Suitable for professional players and also fun usage
  • Price friendly


  • Breaks easily

#4. IgnatGames Plastic Tip Darts Set

When it comes to darts set of value to your money, then IgnatGames set is all you need. It is set an innovative case with magnetic closure for secure storage and portability. Ideally, it is the best set for beginners and casual dart players. More so, you will have full control over this set because of its construction. The darts are of plastic suitable for use in the electronic dartboard. Additionally, the designed box features an EVA foam insert to protect the plastic tip from scratches. The set comes with one flight to spare for each player hence very convenient for use. Lastly, you get a 10-year warranty after you register online your the soft tip acquisitions.


  • 70% off discount after purchasing any professional dart set
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Has extra replacement tips
  • Easy to deposit and carry


  • Tends to have bad grips

#3. SHOT TAKER CO. EST. 2017 Darts Set

For perfect targeting and accuracy, the SHOT TAKER set designed with optimal balance weight, speed, and grip for ideal usage. This steel darts set has knurled brass barrels with a perfect grip to help you sharpen your skills. The fitted rubber O-rings ensures that there is no loosening while in use. More so, it comes with dart sharpener to sharpen the dart tips hence reducing bouncing. Besides that, it gives you a lot of options for dart combination, depending on your preference. You can choose to use a light or heavyweight to balance the dart for the perfect play. Finally, you can give it as a gift to all levels of dart players and also store it easily without any damages.


  • Easy to store and deposit
  • Gives you multiple set up options
  • Durable aluminum shafts
  • Standard shape flights hence high performance


  • None

#2. CC-Exquisite professional darts set

Are you looking for a darts set, but your budget is very tight? If yes, then CC-Exquisite darts set is all you need. This set suits all your professional needs as they are customizable; this is suitable for all skill level players. Designed with manufacturers passion for performance in mind, you will select the perfect set up the meets your throwing style. Besides, it can be the best alternative if it has been long since you played. Some of the best features of the darts include the sharpening stone, 12 rubber O-rings installed, affordable pricing, and knurled grip zones for consistent placement. Lastly, you can create your dart set up for the different parts of the set included bringing the game to a new level.


  • Professional steel tip darts
  • High-quality flights and shafts
  • Outstanding storage case
  • Essential dart tools included


  • The coating may begin chipping off after a short while

#1. Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Darts set

viper Astro is our best dart set, not just because of functionality but also its construction. Its design is 80% tungsten hence offering incredible stability and balance. On the contrary, tungsten material combine with nickel helps to create slim profile barrels, which makes it more superior. This design increases your chances of scoring hence making the game more fun. You can use it on sisal or bristle dartboards. This is an ideal set for intermediate and advanced levels players. Furthermore, the locking holes shafts also help in keeping the darts in place hence no falling while in use.


  • It’s of high-quality construction hence durable
  • Has the value of money
  • Suitable for intermediate and professional players
  • Easy to store and transport anywhere


  • None

Factors to consider before buying darts set

Type of tip

There are two types of tips for selecting from that are soft and steel-tipped. That is why it is essential to know the difference before making any decision. Our reviews cover both steel and soft-tipped darts hence giving you the best alternatives. Depending on your budget and use, select one that suits all your needs.


It is also a factor to consider because they are of different making. For instance, steel tip darts tend to be very expensive compared to the soft tip darts. The above-reviewed darts give you are of high quality and professional; hence we find it favorable for your budget.

Darts needed

Knowing the number of darts you need is essential before you purchase your set. You have to look at all possibilities as if several players will be able to use it at once. Meaning you have to know your targeted environment. If it is at home, your family and friends will also love to play. Find any set that can allow you to play in a competitive team of players.


The material used to determine the durability if the dart depends on what is used on the shaft and barrel. The barrel can either be of tungsten or brass. However, tungsten barrels are known to be for professional players. Also, they are more expensive than brass ones. On the other hand, shafts can be of carbon fibers, plastic, nylon, aluminum, and much more.


When it comes to design, it depends on user preference. That is the size, style, weight, and shape of the flights. You should also remember that each of them is different. For instance, best steel darts weigh between 12 to 50 grams. Also, there are two types of flights, slim and standard. Standard flights tend to suit those with a curved throw, whereas slim ones are for straight throws.


From our review above, we are confident that we have offered you the best options in the market to select from. If you want the best set of darts, you must consider all the factors listed above to make the correct choice. Whether you are a beginner or professional dart player, our top 10 best darts set will help you find the best dart with a steel tip or plastic to take your game to a higher level. It meets all your needs and requirements, and we confirm that they are of value to your money. Please order any of the above to continue having fun with your family and friends.

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