Top 10 Best Indoor Cycling Bikes in 2020 Review

An indoor cycling bike is a fun and practical way to keep fit without visiting the gym. As opposed to fighting the cold, you will comfortably cycle at home any time of the day or night. This is the reason why you need to make up your mind today and purchase an indoor cycling bike to achieve your fitness goals. Some of the benefits that you will get to enjoy from this bike will be a smooth and quiet ride not forgetting about saving money in the long-run.

You need to know that so many manufacturers have come forward to market their own brands of indoor cycling bikes. This, therefore, makes the selection task a bit tough, especially for newbies. To eliminate doubts about what bike to choose, we came up with the comprehensive compilation below. It comprises of the leading spin bikes in the market today. Later in this article, we shall highlight important factors to consider when choosing these bikes.

The Best Indoor Cycling Bikes Review

#10. DeskCycle Under Desk Exercising Bike & Pedal Exerciser

This is a top-quality bike that is actually a rebranded model of the older versions. It has an adjustable leg and a large LCD display which will show the information you need when exercising. The convenience of this bike is that you can use it when watching TV, playing video games and while on the phone as well. Another great aspect about the bike is that it boasts a smooth and very quiet resistance. This, therefore, means that you will not have to disturb your coworkers or other family members. The fact that it comes from a reputable brand means that this is something that you can completely rely upon.


  • This is a top-quality bike which comes with an adjustable leg and a large LCD display which has 6 functions
  • You can use the bike while on the phone, watching TV or when playing video games due to its hands-free design
  • It has a smooth & quiet magnetic resistance with no disturbance the coworkers and the family members
  • It is possible to set the optimal pedal height up to 10 inches which gives you much desk clearance


  • It makes noise when you are pedaling

#9. ANCHEER Vertical Exercise Equipment for Home Gym, Pink

If you are looking for a full body workout, this will be the machine to take home. The users will be able to exercise triceps, biceps as well as the leg muscle simultaneously. With this machine, you will burn more calories compared to the treadmill within the same timeframe. Since this equipment comes when 90% pre-assembled, it means that you will have an easy time using it. You will also appreciate that it comes in a foldable design which will save the storage space when it is not in use. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a warranty of one year on the product.


  • It comes when pre-assembled up to 90% with clear & brief instructions which makes it very convenient and easy to use
  • The bike is backed with a warranty of one year and comes with a money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • An LCD monitor and digital tracking which will help to monitor speed, time, distance as well as the calories burned
  • A foldable climbing machine which is made for low impact, high intense as well as a full body workout


  • There is none for now

#8. XTERRA Fitness FB350 Exercise Bike, Silver

This exercise bike boasts a strong X-frame that folds down easily when not in use to save the storage space. For comfort purposes, you will realize that this bike has a padded lower back and a very large seat. This, therefore, means that you will get the comfort and support you yearn for. The manufacturers have also equipped this bike with a large LCD display. You will, therefore, be in a position to read important information like the distance and time covered, the calories burned and even the pulse. What’s more, it is made with quality materials for durability reasons.


  • Its solid x-frame design will fold down with ease to save the floor space when the bike is not being used
  • The lower back has been well-padded and comes with a large seat which gives you the best support and comfort
  • Comes with a large LCD window which is very easy to read all the important information including speed, calories as well as the time spent
  • 3-piece pedal crank which makes the bike durable


  • The pedals will come off easily

#7. ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike - 40 lbs. Flywheel Bike

This bike boasts a heavy-duty frame made of steel. It, therefore, supports a maximum user weight of 275 lbs. What’s more, you will appreciate that the bike will offer a smooth and quiet riding experience. The bike is also equipped with a large LCD display to show all the important information during exercise. You will also like the fact that the bike has a humanized design. This is because the cycle seat can be adjusted in 4 ways while the handlebar is adjustable in 2 ways. The emergency brake lever, on the other hand, ensures that your safety is guaranteed all the time.


  • It is made with a heavy-duty frame which supports a maximum user weight of 275 lbs. making it very stable
  • The cycle seat is adjustable in 4 ways while the handlebar is adjustable in 2 ways to match different users’ height
  • Comes with an emergency brake lever with a multipurpose holder which will carry the phone and other essentials
  • Features an LCD monitor that will track time, speed, calories burned as well as the distance covered


  • Some people complained that it was a bit hard to assemble

#6. ShareVgo Bluetooth Semi-Recumbent Magnetic Exercise Bike w/Free APP - SXB1000

This is a fun and effective way to work out at home. First, you will like the ease with which you assemble the bike. You will also appreciate that it is made with a solid frame that allows it to support a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs. What’s more, it comes at a relatively affordable price. Since this bike has a smooth and quiet operation, you will not cause any disturbance to other family members. Again, this bike involves a very simple assembly which makes it convenient for you. In case of any issue, the support team is readily available and willing to help.


  • Easy setup Bluetooth connection with a fitness app for both Android and iOS to keep you motivated
  • Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance with backrest and handlebars to give different positions for comfort
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a very friendly support team
  • This bike comes in a compact design with a very simple assembly and has a sturdy frame to support 250 lbs.


  • There is none for now

#5. KUOKEL Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike w/Adjustable Resistance

This is a heavy-duty bike that supports a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. You will also appreciate that it is very easy to get on and off the bike. This, therefore, means that the bike will give you comfortable and convenient workout experience. Since the bike is very easy to fold down, you will be happy to realize that it saves you the storage space. Again, it comes with a very large seat for comfort reasons. The manufacturer has also equipped it with an LCD screen to display the necessary workout information.


  • A heavy-duty design which allows you to support a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. for a comfortable workout experience
  • The bike comes with a large LCD display to show important information like distance, time, and calories burned
  • It has a large seat cushion to accommodate people of any size and can be easily adjusted for comfort
  • This bike is very easy to fold down to half its assembled size which saves space during storage


  • None for now

#4. Zafuar Folding Exercise Bike with Twister Plate and 10Level Adjustable Resistance

With a solid x-frame, this bike will support your heavy weight and give you the best workout experience. It is also equipped with a digital monitor and a phone bracket for extra convenience. It is made with ten tension levels to make sure that you get the workout you deserve. The comfort of this bike is actually unmatchable. It features a well-padded seat and a backrest to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout. To give you enough confidence to buy, this bike comes with a warranty of 12 months. The customer service from this brand also is very friendly.


  • Convertible upright and recumbent positions which saves you so much money and the living spaces
  • Solid X-frame design that allows you to easily get on and off the bike
  • You need to have all the confidence when purchasing since it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months
  • The exercise bike comes with a digital monitor to record the distance, time and even the calories burned


  • It is too heavy

#3. pooboo Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike with Pulse Monitor and Adjustable Seat

This is a magnetic system that boasts 8 resistance levels. You will also be happy to realize that this bike requires virtually no maintenance. Its rotary tension knob is also very convenient to customize the levels of workout. The good thing about this bike is that you will not be needed to break the bank to afford it. With its digital monitor screen, you will like the fact that all the necessary information about the workout will be easily accessible. What’s more, it is well padded to guarantee the best support and comfort. Another convenient feature about the bike is that it has a transport wheel making it easy to move.


  • This is a magnetic system which has 8 resistance levels with no much maintenance required
  • It features a heavy-duty steel tube and has an ergonomic design for quick dismounting and mounting
  • Comfortable padded and adjustable seat & backrest to make sure that you are comfortable even when the workout is intense
  • Comes with a large LCD computer screen which is very simple to read and display the necessary information


  • It is very complicated to use

#2. MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Workout

In the second spot is the MEVEM indoor cycling bike which comes with exceptional features. It has the belt drive mechanism with no much maintenance needed. You will also appreciate its quiet and smooth operation that assures you that you will not create any disturbance.
Due to its fully-customizable design, this bike will be ideal for different types of users. Again, it has a wide LCD display to show the information you need when working out. It also comes with a phone holder to accord you the best convenience.


  • This bike comes with a bidirectional magnetic flywheel giving you a challenging experience during the exercise
  • The bike comes with a warranty of 12 months and a refund guarantee within 30 days giving you the confidence to buy
  • Full customization where the seat is adjustable in 4 ways and comes with a non-slip handlebar
  • The bike is made with quality materials that allow it to support a maximum weight capacity of 280 lbs.


  • It is not ideal for tall people

#1. SNODE Indoor Cycling Bike with Tablet Holder and an LCD Monitor

Finally at the topmost rank is this stationary bike which comes with a very heavy flywheel. It is made with a strong steel frame for a stable and sturdy ride. Another convenient feature is that it has adjustable resistance and an emergency braking system to guarantee your safety. The belt-driven system comes with a real-time working out display. You will appreciate that it comes with an intelligent LCD display to show the distance covered, time, as well as the calories burned. One more thing about the bike is that it is very customizable to meet your needs.


  • This is a stationary exercise bike that comes with a heavy flywheel to provide more resistance
  • Adjustable resistance with an emergency braking system giving you a realistic cycling experience
  • This is a belt-operated system with a real-time workout display to display the necessary information
  • Multi-grip handlebars with a tablet holder and a pulse rate monitor


  • Some people complained that it was very noisy

Factors to consider when buying indoor cycling bikes


You need to ensure that you get an indoor cycling bike whose height will be easily adjusted. Purchasing a bike that does not conform to your height needs will mean that you are compromising your safety. The majority of spin bikes have been made for those riders who are between the height of 5’3” and 6’1”. It is therefore ideal to check the height restrictions before purchasing.


When talking about the seat, the main factors that come into play here will be the design and comfort you get. For this reason, you will want to make sure that the seat comes with proper padding to keep you comfortable as you ride. If you have a large bottom, you need to make sure that the seat is wide enough for you. This will be the only way to get the best support and comfort.


You need to have a look at the maximum weight capacity that the bike will be able to support. This will be very important if your main goal is oozing weight. If your weight is higher than the specifications of the bike, you might be putting your life into risk. For instance, you need to have a clear picture of the material used to make the frame of the bike. This way, you will be guaranteed of safety.


Indoor cycling bikes will be among the best ways to lose weight conveniently from home. They additionally help in strengthening your body and has also proven to be good for heart health. As you can see from the compilation above, these bikes come with an array of features to make sure you get the most from them. The motive of coming up with the compilation above was helping buyers become confident with the bike they want to buy. The flooded market stresses so many people when it comes to selecting such bikes. Above we have also highlighted some of the important factors to keep in mind. It is our hope therefore that you are all set to shop for the best spin bike.

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