Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Pedals in 2020 Reviews

Bike pedals are definitely some of the most important accessories for a bike. This is because they help in determining the comfort that your legs will be getting as you cycle. Provided that you pick the best mountain bike pedal, you can be sure to have an amazing cycling experience. You need to know that most mountain bikes are sold without pedals. It is, therefore, your responsibility to shop for them.

There is an advancing technology which has led to the emergence of so many mountain bike pedals. This, therefore, means that you will be overwhelmed by the large number of pedals available. The bottom line is that you need to select those pedals which are sturdy to withstand the heavy-duty applications. In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 best mountain bikes you might want to purchase. Just keep it here.

The Best Mountain Bike Pedals Reviews

10. Puroma Mountain Bike Pedal, Non-Slip Design

We begin this review with the wide platform pedals which are meant to give you the comfort that you deserve. They feature a nylon composite body and a concave platform for riding comfort. What’s more, the bearings are fully sealed to protect them from dust and water. An additional feature you will like about these bike pedals is the fact that they are very easy to install. Apart from that, they have a universal design meaning that they will be ideal for different bike types. You do not have to worry even if you will be purchasing on a limited budget. This is because they come at an affordable price.


  • These are lightweight pedals which have a nylon composite body and a concave platform to give the best surface area
  • Fully sealed bearing pedals which will keep spindles away from water and dust for an excellent performance
  • Universal design since they are ideal for commuting, recreational riding, the kids’ bikes among other uses
  • The mountain bike pedals come at an affordable price and are easy to install as well


  • They produce some clicking noise after cycling for a while

9. LYCAON Bike Pedals, Lightweight and Non-Slip for 9/16 Mountain Bike

The LYACON bike pedals feature a beautiful outward design and have a good deformation resistance ability. This, therefore, gives you the assurance that these are the right pedals for your bike. You will also appreciate their universal design which allows the pedals to be used on different bike types. With a weight of only 174g, you will appreciate that you can actually achieve the speed that you want with the bike. The premium nylon and the fiber body will make these pedals even more durable. Additionally, they are produced in multiple colors from which you can pick from.


  • Feature a beautiful outward performance and has a good deformation resistance for convenience
  • They are universally designed and can be sued for mountain bikes, fixed gear bikes, BMX bikes among others
  • Premium nylon & fiber body which makes the pedals durable in the long run
  • This mountain bike pedal only weighs 174g which means that you will attain your desired speed


  • Durability is not a guarantee for these pedals

8. SEQI Bike Pedals w/Clips & Straps - Multi-Purpose Pedals

First things first, these bike pedals feature quality construction materials. This, therefore, means that you will have the pedals around for a long time. Another great feature about the pedals is that they can be used for different bike types. What’s more, they arrive at a very affordable price. The good metal grips at the bottom and the nylon type straps at the top give you better control. You also need to buy with confidence not only for the brand reputation but also for the excellent services. For instance, you are allowed to return the product within one month in case it arrives defective.


  • Resin and alloy construction with clips and straps to make sure that the bike pedals last for a very long time
  • These pedals are ideal for any 9/16 spindle bike among them the indoor exercise bikes & spinning bikes
  • Good metal grips at the bottom with nylon type straps at the top to keep the feet well-positioned
  • Buy with confidence since you are allowed to return the pedals if you are unsatisfied after purchasing


  • There is none for now

7. ThinkTop 3 Bearing Mountain Bike Pedals

If you are looking for bike pedals with universal design, this will be a great pick. This is because these pedals will be ideal for mountain bikes, junior bikes, and cruisers bikes just to name a few. You will also have the privilege to choose your preferred color from the many available options. Their unique design of three bearings makes them smooth and the bearing ability stronger. The fittings feature exquisite CNC production which allows the pedals to appear smooth and beautiful at the same time. Although they are still new in the market, you have all the reasons to purchase.


  • Universally designed to suit different types of bikes among them, road bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers bikes among others
  • All the fittings are made with exquisite CNC production allowing the pedals to appear smooth and beautiful
  • Features an antiskid nail design for better grip to make sure that your feet remain comfortable
  • Unique design with three bearing structure which makes the bearing ability strong


  • It is still new in the market

6. Cycloving 3 Bearings Bike Pedals, Lightweight and Non-Slip

These are other bike pedals which arrive in three distinct colors. They also come at a relatively affordable price to accommodate all budgets. The first thing you will like about the pedals is the construction material. This is because the axle feature chromo steel and the body features nylon composite. For that reason, the pedals are light in weight and sturdy as well.
With the removable steel pins and the three bearings, these pedals will give you a good grip and a good spin performance. You will also appreciate that the bearings have been sealed to protect them from dirt. Installation of these bikes pedals, on the other hand, will be a breeze.


  • The axle features quality chromo steel while the body features nylon composite making it sturdy and light in weight
  • Features removable steel pins & three bearings for a better grip and performance
  • Sealed bearings which will effectively protect it from dirt that might enter the bearings once you are cycling
  • The manufacturer has placed a warranty of 2 years with a money-back guarantee within 60 days


  • None for now

5. Mzyrh Mountain Bike Pedals, Colorful and Strong

If you haven’t had the chance to use the Mzyrh bike pedals on your mountain bike, you do not know what you are missing. These are well-constructed bike pedals which have the promise of lasting for a very long time. You will appreciate that they have an anti-skid design so you do not have to worry about your safety when cycling. What’s more, the pedals give you a good grasp especially when racing. You are also free to choose your favorite pedal color from the many options given.


  • The bearings are smooth due to the quality lubrication. They are also sealed to protect them from dust and water
  • Features anti-skid pins which give the pedals a strong grasp for better riding
  • The manufacturer has produced these bike pedals in multiple colors from which you can pick from
  • High-strength aluminum alloy construction which makes the pedals last for a very long time


  • The color gets off easily

4. Terra Hiker Bike Pedals, Aluminum Alloy Construction with Three Ultra-Sealed Bearings

Next, on the list are these pedals which are very light in weight but sturdy at the same time. This, therefore, means that the pedals will remain robust even during the harsh conditions. To protect the bearings from dust and water, they come with a triple sealing. Another convenient feature about the pedals is that they have an anti-skid design. This, therefore, assures you that you will remain safe any time you will be cycling. The wide platform design for the pedals, on the other hand, keeps your feet comfortable throughout.


  • These bike pedals are light in weight but sturdy at the same time making them robust enough for harsh conditions
  • Features detachable and anti-skid studs which will offer good grip to your shoes without damage
  • Comes with three sealed bearings to guarantee superb strength as well as reliability
  • The bike pedals have a wide platform to support your shoes firmly without slipping off


  • There is none for now

3. BONMIXC Bike Pedals with Sealed Bearings

If you are looking to have a comfortable cycling experience, these are the bike pedals you need to buy. They have a wide platform which will keep your feet comfortable all the time. You will also appreciate that the bearings have been sealed to protect them from dust and water. When it comes to the construction, these pedals feature aluminum alloy material. This, therefore, gives you the assurance that they will last for a very long time. What’s more, the pedals come in an anti-skid design to make sure that you remain safe.


  • The bike pedals come with sealed bearings which will keep away dust and water when you are cycling
  • They are made with a wide surface area and a very light weight to give you a comfortable riding experience
  • A versatile design which makes the pedals ideal for different bike types not forgetting that they are easy to install
  • Made with solid materials for more durability and resistance from abrasions


  • They produce some noise amid cycling

2. FOOKER Non-Slip Mountain Bike Pedals

On the second rank according to this review is the FOOKER mountain bike pedal. It is made with quality aluminum material. This will not only give it unique strength but also make sure that it remains skid-proof. You can, therefore, expect to have a good grip with this bike pedal. The universal design for this bike pedal, on the other hand, will allow it to be used on a wide range of bikes. What’s more, it has a very simple installation procedure. You also ought to buy with confidence since the manufacturer has placed a warranty of three years on the product.


  • Made with 6061 aluminum alloy and special material for the axis which gives it the strength to serve you for a long time
  • It has a reasonable design which makes the pedal light in weight and durable as well
  • Buy with confidence since it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of three years
  • A universal design which allows the pedals to be used on different types of bikes


  • They are not completely slip-proof

1. Funn Mamba Mountain Bike Pedal Set, SPD Compatible

Finally, on this review are the bike pedals from fun which are made to last. This is because they feature very strong construction. The wide platform for these pedals will make sure that your feet remain as comfortable as possible. One unique feature for these pedals is the fact that they feature a patented GRS feature. This is a functionality which allows you to top up grease without making your hands dirty. The fact that they come in different colors gives you a wide range to select from.


  • Wide platform size which gives your feet the comfort that you deserve
  • The bike pedals are SPD compatible and have a clip-in mechanism for an immediate pedal engagement
  • Patented GRS allowing you to top up the grease keeping your hands clean
  • The manufacturer has produced these bike pedals in various colors from which you can pick from


  • They are too expensive

Factors to consider when buying mountain bike pedals

Pedal weight

In case you will be cycling at high speed, weight is one factor that you do not want to compromise. It might seem obvious but you need to know that light pedals will translate to high speed for the bike. Most people tend to overlook this factor but it is of great importance when you will be doing the selection.

Attachment ease

There might be instances when your bike will be detached and later reattached to your bike. Keeping that in mind, you will want a bike pedal which will have a very simple attachment. This will mean that the attachment will be tool-free for convenience. If you will be changing the use for your bike, this is a factor that you will want to consider.

Flat vs. clipless pedals

This might seem to be the hardest part when it comes to choosing the mountain bike pedals. On the contrary opinion, it is actually the simplest task. In case you will be using the bike purely for transport purposes, a flat pedal will definitely be good. On the other hand, in case you will be going racing with the bike, the clipless option will be the right pick.


Without the right pedals, your cycling experience might turn out to be stressful. From the explanation above, it is evident that there is an endless list of mountain bike pedals available today. Rather than buying accessories which you are not sure about, we selected ten picks which are extremely reliable. This will also save your time that you could otherwise use to research for these bike accessories. The remaining task is very simple since you only need to read through and then make your order right away. You can be sure to rely on any bike pedal in the list above so long as it meets your needs.

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