Top 10 Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies in Reviews – Update

Babies are such precious, fragile little humans that we need to take extra care of them all time. One of the most common problems that babies have is a blocked nose. The cleaning needs extra caution as the skin is super soft, which can, in turn, be quite a problem for parents.

Nasal Aspirators are extremely helpful in this case as you can clean your child’s nose without harming them in any way. But which one should you purchase out of all the available options? Here’s a list of some of the best nasal aspirators for your baby to help you decide.
Best Selling Nasal Aspirators for Babies

#10.Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator

Fridababy NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator
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This BPA & Phthalate free product creates a little seal with your baby’s nostrils which facilitates easy cleaning. Your baby will not fuss at all due to this. The aspirator has a little pipe attached to it, which uses parents’ own suction to clear the stuffiness. This product comes highly endorsed by pediatricians.


  • The product has disposable filters which make the process really hygienic.
  • Most of the aspirator’s parts can be cleaned in dishwater (top- rack) making it really easy to clean.


  • The concept of using one’s own suction may not appeal to some customers.
  • Size can be a little too big for one to two months old babies.

#9. Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator

Bubzi Co Baby Nasal Aspirator
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This aspirator has a soft silicone tip which provides immediate relief to babies. Being BPA free and containing no harmful chemicals makes it safe for use. A great snot sucker that will provide comfort to your baby and control to you.


  • The product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The aspirator has very easy to disassemble parts which help in easy cleaning.


  • The bottom of the aspirator may require lining with tissues as runny snot can leak through.
  • Suction can be more powerful.

#8. OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator

OCCObaby Baby Nasal Aspirator
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Comes with an exclusive power suction tip, a snot sucker, and is run on batteries. The product is FDA approved and has undergone medical testing making is extremely safe for infants and toddlers alike. It has three types of silicone tips to fit every nose size, which is reusable.


  • Waterproof and is easy to clean.
  • The product has a 90- day trial period.


  • Suction force needs to be improved.
  • Some people may find it costly.

#7. BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator

BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator
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The product requires the use of one’s own suction which in turn gives the customer control over the force, making is a really safe method for nasal cleaning. It comes with two nasal tips in different sizes to make snot- sucking even more effective.


  • Employs the method of the tissue filter system.
  • This BPA and the phthalate-free product is dishwasher- safe.


  • Using own suction for cleaning may not appeal to customers.
  • Tube keeps detaching from the mouthpiece.

#6. Baby Nasal Aspirator by BabyBubz

Baby Nasal Aspirator by BabyBubz
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This aspirator makes nasal mucus cleaning really effective and safe. The product doesn’t need to be placed in the nostrils, rather on it. It’s also BPA and Phthalate Free as well as non-evasive.


  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee.
  • The product design ensures the non-transfer of mucus to the operator.


  • The suction pipe may leave a plastic taste in the mouth of the operator.
  • Has way too many parts that require cleaning.

#5. BoogieBulb Baby Nasal Aspirator

BoogieBulb Baby Nasal Aspirator
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A hospital grade aspirator which is free of BPA, Latex, and Phthalate. The product is made of soft rubber making it really easy to use and super effective, without being an inconvenience to your child. Parents can say hello to the happy, non-stuffy- nose- of- baby life.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Facilitates easy cleaning and is dishwasher friendly.


  • The bulb syringe can come apart from the main product.
  • Suction power needs improvement.

#4. Oogiebear Baby Nasal Aspirator

Oogiebear Baby Nasal Aspirator
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In just one use, this product is effective to clean your baby’s stuffy nose. It has zero BPA, PVC or LATEX in it. Its cute design will not scare the baby, and the product can double as an ear cleaner as well.


  • Comes with two tip ends, loop- end for sticky mucus and a scoop- end for dried mucus.
  • Very easy to use and clean.


  • Tips are hard and need to be handled with extra care.
  • The design gives a limited reach for cleaning.

#3. Baby Nasal Aspirator by Bloom Baby Care

Baby Nasal Aspirator by Bloom Baby Care
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A BPA- free, silicone & filter-free, medical grade aspirator will keep your baby comfortable while cleaning the nose. Effective for both infants and toddlers due to its efficient suction force and design. Parents and babies will love it due to its easy- seal technique.


  • Comes with a money back guarantee.
  • Has a compact size and is really easy to clean; dishwasher safe product.


  • Not as effective in case of boogers.
  • Filter design can be flawed at times.

#2. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nasal Aspirator

Little Martin's Drawer Baby Nasal Aspirator
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This FDA- approved nasal aspirator can help clean your baby’s stuffy nose within seconds, comes with two nozzle sizes which are made of soft silicone tips. The tips can be detached from the electronic portion of the aspirator making it really easy to clean.


  • Really impressive and powerful suction force.
  • Come with accessories like a baby clipper which comes attached with a 4x magnifier.


  • The product requires increased longevity.
  • May not be as efficient in case of infants.

#1.Innovo Hospital Baby Nasal Aspirator

Innovo Hospital Baby Nasal Aspirator
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The product has a twister design along with a translucent bulb which expedites nasal mucus cleaning. The specialty of the product is it being hypoallergenic and resistant to the bacterial and fungal growth, in addition to being completely made of silicone.


  • The design makes it lightweight and easy to store.
  • PA, Phthalate & Latex free with zero plastic.


  • Some customers may find the product too small.
  • Better quality needed as the bulb can fall off easily.

Final Thoughts
Nasal Aspirators are great products because not only they can help your baby breathe easy and sleep peacefully, they’re really easy for the parents to clean and use. The products listed aren’t only durable and value for money, but they’re also comfortable for your child.

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