Top 10 Best Portable Keyboard Piano for Beginner in 2020 Reviews

Most pianists like digital pianos simply because of their great sound. One thing which is true is that the digital pianos are far much better than the acoustic pianos. There are so many digital pianos out there which have been incorporated with different features. For that reason, every piano will serve a unique purpose. In this article, we lay our focus on the portable keyboard pianos. If you are therefore looking for a portable keyboard for beginner, this is the article for you.

Most people are faced with the challenge of the flooded market when shopping for these pianos. If especially you are new in the industry, you might easily get overwhelmed. In this review, we have compiled a list to help you with the purchase. Towards the end of the article also, you will find a buying guide as well. Let us get started;

Top 10 Best Portable Keyboard Piano for Beginner Reviews

10. QMG 61 Key Electronic Keyboard Piano – Comes with a Dust Cover

This is a digital and electronic keyboard which will offer you a good chance for learning how to play the piano. Since it has keys which resemble the real piano, you will an impression that you are playing the real piano. It is equipped with a recording function which helps you record your playing after which you can listen to them later on. You can also decide to share them with friends and family. Additionally, this keyboard has been integrated with some MP3 players allowing you to listen to your favorite music. Apart from that, this accessory can play up to 200 timbers & 128 rhythms giving you a very broad choice. Its intelligent teaching function helps one to learn to play in just three simple steps.


  • The digital electronic piano has been made to make the process of learning easier
  • Comes with some weighted keys which are very responsive to touch
  • Its keys are the real piano size which gives an impression that you are using an actual piano
  • Features some advanced functions like the recording function for convenience


  • None identified

9. RIF6 61 Keys Piano Keyboard - Digital LCD Display and Adjustable Stool for Kids & Adults

On the next position is the RF16 keyboard piano which has a total of 16 keys. This, therefore, makes it a perfect choice for beginners and players of any level. With this piano, your creativity will take over since it comes with 300 tones and 300 rhythms. Apart from that, it comes with 50 demo songs helping you to enhance your skills. With the optional percussion and drum sound kit, you will easily keep the beat. If you will be training in an area which is full of distractions, you never have to worry. This is because this keyboard piano comes with some over-hear headphones which will allow you to focus on the training. With included accessories like the adjustable stool and keyboard stand, you will train anywhere anytime you want.


  • It is equipped with 2 teaching function modes allowing you to learn popular songs
  • You will play anywhere and everywhere you wish with its integrated keyboard stand and piano stool
  • Its over-ear headphones will allow you to focus on the training eliminating distractions
  • Your creativity takes over with the 300 tones and 300 rhythms provided


  • The piano keyboard lacks proper instructions

8. Joy 61-Key Keyboard with the USB Music Playing Function (Kl-91MKit)

This is a 61-key piano which comes with a lighting function. The piano is equipped with 255 rhythms as well as 50 demo songs. This allows you to produce some quality sounds as well as effects from the piano. In short, this piano will give the players a colorful and fantastic playing experience. Although the pricing is a bit high, you will get value for your money after purchasing the piano. Additionally, the piano features a high-tech LCD display allowing you to see the functions easily. Since the piano demonstrates the right keys for you to hit, this becomes a perfect choice for the starters. It essentially comes as a complete set with a keyboard stand, a music stool as well as a headphone.


  • The pack includes a quality music stand, music stool, headphone, and other accessories for convenience
  • It comes with multiple patterns and functions such as the transpose, metronome, playback among other functions
  • High-tech LCD display allowing you to hit the right keys. This makes it perfect for beginners
  • It comes with 255 rhythms and 50 demo songs making the practice much easier


  • Lacks a jack for sustain pedal

7. Kiker Music Roll up Piano |THICKENED KEYS (88 Keys)

This is a standard keyboard which has a total of 88 keys. It comes with some in-built amplifying speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to enhance your practice. With a total of 140 tones and 128 rhythms, be sure to get the most out of this piano. The construction of this keyboard piano is perfect for all ages. Having a silicone keyboard and a non-toxic design, you will want to purchase this piano. One more thing which this keyboard piano boasts about is the compact design. You can, therefore, take it every place you wish. You need to be very confident when shopping for this piano since it comes with a warranty of 90 days. Additionally, there is a guaranteed money refund within 30 days after purchase.


  • The 88 keys piano features some in-built speakers with 30 demo songs as well as effects
  • It features a silicone keyboard and is non-toxic, wear resistant and durable generally
  • Comes in a compact design making it very easy to carry. It is operated by a 1100mah battery which is rechargeable
  • You shop worry free since it comes with a warranty of 90 days and a money back guarantee in 30 days


  • Some people complained that the packaging of this product was not that good

6. Vangoa VGK6200 Electronic Piano Keyboard - 61 Lighted Keys

On the sixth spot according to these reviews is the Vangoa keyboard which comes with a total of 61 keys. The LED light function will allow you to play the demo songs with much ease. The keyboard piano similarly comes with 500 MIDI tones and a total of 40 demonstration songs. These help in keeping your practicing experience very fresh and interesting. Storage or transportation of the piano will never be a hassle for you since it comes with a carrying bag. Again, being made from a brand which has been in the game for long, you will have enough purchasing confidence.


  • Comes with 61 full-size keys which resemble the real piano enhancing your learning experience
  • LED lighting function will help you learn the demo songs with ease
  • Features 500 MIDI tones and 300 rhythm styles which are ideal for beginners
  • It comes with a well-padded bag for storage or transportation to the school or show


  • The instructions would have been better

5. Alesis Melody 61-Key Portable Keyboard - Built-In Speakers, Microphone, and Stool

On the fifth rank is the Alesis keyboard piano which comes with 61 keys which are very sensitive. Again, it is equipped with some in-built speakers which will allow for a perfect practicing session. With the built-in 300 rhythms, you will be able to have the best experience. An additional feature is the one which allows you to record your playing which can be later shared with friends. This keyboard piano comes with all the accessories you need. These accessories include the stand which is very easy to assemble. Additionally, it comes with a bench whose height is easily adjustable. A mic and headphone are other accessories which will improve your training.


  • It is equipped with 61 responsive keys and in-built speakers for a perfect practicing
  • Premium and in-demand sounds with layer & split modes
  • You will be playing along with some 40 demo songs and even record your own playing
  • Comes with everything you need like the stand, bench, and headphone


  • Lacks proper support from the manufacturer

4. Igloo Essentials Portable Keyboard with 61 Keys |Ideal for Beginners

Having an extremely light and foldable design, this piano will be good for frequent travelers. It comes with an in-built battery which is also rechargeable retaining charge for 15 hours. Its silicone keys have been made in a similar size like the real acoustic piano to enhance your learning. Again, it comes at a very affordable price in order to accommodate even the tight budgets. Its keyboard has been made with quality silicone material. Being non-toxic, you can be sure that it will never cause any harm to the user. This is an American company which makes only quality accessories. On top of that, it promises to give you excellent support when you need.


  • Extremely light, foldable and flexible design which allows you to store and carry it with ease
  • The silicone keys have been designed in the same size as the piano for convenience
  • Its keyboard has a rubbery finish and is non-toxic making it totally harmless
  • Comes from an American company guaranteeing total satisfaction guarantee to the customers


  • Some keys were reported not to work

3. Mugig 61-key Electronic Portable Keyboard with an Intelligent Teaching Feature (Kids & Adults)

This is a standard keyboard which comes with a total of 61 keys and an LCD screen and 500 tones. Apart from that, it comes with 40 demo songs which makes it ideal for the beginners. With its intelligent 3-step teaching system, this piano will offer the best guidance to the beginners. The piano is also compatible with the MP3, Audio and phones connections which makes it convenient to use. Its lightweight design, on the other hand, ensures that the piano will be carried to different places with ease. Since the manufacturer has provided everything that you need to practice, you have every reason to purchase it.


  • A standard 61 keys piano equipped with an LCD screen and 40 demo songs
  • Intelligent 3-step tutoring system which is ideal for the beginners
  • Everything you need has been included like the piano stand
  • Includes effects like percussion, metronome and the delay effect


  • None identified

2. Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

This is another keyboard piano which comes with some in-built speakers to give you the best experience. With its 24 demonstration songs, be sure to learn how to play this instrument in just a short time. It comes with accessories which will permit you to practice anytime and anywhere you wish. The height for the stool provided is easily adjustable to suit the needs of different people. One more thing you will appreciate about the keyboard piano is that it allows you to record your playing. You can later send them to pros for corrections. The ease of setting up this set is another reason why people like this piano.


  • The in-built speakers will give a tremendous sound for the best practice session
  • Features an integrated learning system making it good for players of all levels
  • It has an easy set up with a stand and stool so that you can train anytime and anywhere
  • Additional features are rhythm sync and the temp adjustment


  • Its keyboard does not come with standard size keys

1. Lujex Foldable Electric Digital Keyboard Piano, Silver

Finally in these reviews is the Lujex piano which has been made to offer you the convenience which you require. It has a small and compact size which allows it to be hand-carried in a storage bag. The fully functional keyboard is touch sensitive an ideal feature for starters. A headphone is also provided in the package to allow you to avoid any distractions.
You will also appreciate the fact that t comes with a MIDI output allowing it to be connected easily to the computer. It has also been produced in different colors so that you can find your ideal color. Its user-friendly design makes it usable both for kids and adults as well.


  • The piano is convenient to carry with you every place and any time you want to play the piano
  • It has been professionally designed to suit the kids and beginners alike
  • Its MIDI output allows it to be connected to the computer for editing
  • Comes with standard parameters and a compact fashion


  • Low sensitivity and produces extra sound when two keys are pressed

Factors to consider when buying a portable keyboard piano for beginner


As far as playability is concerned, the focus lies on the kind of keys that the piano has. These keys can be weighted, semi-weighted or even the touch-sensitive ones. The kind of keys will depend on the goals the player has. All the same, to help a beginner gain experience, they should go for those pianos which come with weighted keys.

Tone options & quality

If you ask anyone who uses digital pianos, they will tell you that they like the piano sound. All the same, going for pianos with extra tones will give you value for money. If a keyboard piano has more tone options, you can be sure to learn a lot as a beginner. Also, keep in in mind that the quality of the tone will be important than the quantity.


The piano you are going to purchase will definitely need some accessories. When purchasing, you ought to check for things such as the stands, the pedals, as well as the benches. These are accessories which have been put in place to give you a better experience. Additionally, these accessories will have a felt effect during the learning process.


Now that we have looked at the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each product, we can now conclude. One thing we must make clear is that each of these products is very fantastic and stands out from the rest. We actually offered a buying guide with the sole aim of helping you make the best decision. Depending on your needs, be sure to find a keyboard piano which matches your needs. What will be important for you to do is read through the reviews to make the best decision.

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