Top 10 Best Roll Up Drum Kits in 2020 Reviews

Roll up drum kits have been the best options for the drummers with limited space. Additionally, they serve as an ideal solution for those people on low budgets and those who are looking to practice quietly. The kits are easily stored and folded ready for transportation. They have all the features you need to become a perfect drummer. Since these items are so many in the market, it might be hard to select the genuine ones. The review below however comes with everything you need for a perfect shopping experience. We have chosen the top 10 best roll up drum kits you might want to shop. Read on to become knowledgeable about these accessories.

Top 10 Best Roll Up Drum Kits Reviews

10. Alesis Ultra-Portable Roll up Drum Kit with Drum Sticks Included

We begin these reviews with the Alesis drum kit which is well-known in the market. It comes with quality in-built speakers and a dedicated headphone output. This is, therefore, an assurance that you can play music either privately or publicly. Its sensitive drum pads will ensure that every nuance during the performance will be perfectly captured.
To ensure that you perfectly hone your skills, this set comes with coach features which will show notes on the LCD screen. Again, it is equipped with 6 C-cell batteries allowing you to play at any time and anywhere you wish.


  • Comes as an ultra-portable drum kit with an in-built speaker & a dedicated headphone output
  • Its 4 velocity drum pads will easily capture every nuance of what you perform performance
  • The roll up drum kit comes with six C-cell batteries so that you can drum everywhere you go
  • It comes with a coach feature to show the notes on its LCD screen and also instruct for an easy learning experience


  • Its drumheads are very small which makes it a bit unsatisfying

9. MukkiM Rock and Roll It Battery OR USB Powered Drum Kit

For those looking for a flexible drum, this will be among the best picks. It has been made in a way that it can be easily rolled up in the storage box ready for storage. You will learn that it is powered by either batteries or the USB. This is, therefore, an implication that it can be used anywhere and at any time. This drum set comes with several drum sounds as well as professional demos to give you the best experience. With its headphones, you will be able to play the instrument peacefully without disturbing your neighbors. This accessory has been made to be used by everyone regardless of their skill levels.


  • This is a flexible drum which is easily rolled into a storage box when you are done playing
  • This drum kit is either powered by batteries or a USB allowing you to play it anywhere and anytime
  • Comes with several drum sounds, instrumental accompaniment tracks as well as input and output
  • Ideal for all players from starters to masters due to its ease of use


  • The drum sounds great although the wires are a bit awkward

8. YISSVIC Electronic Drum Set with Headphone Jack and an In-built Speaker

This is a professional roll up drum which will give you a sound similar to the real drum sound. The fact that it is portable means that you can use it anywhere and anytime you wish. With its headphone jack, you will be able to practice without becoming a bother to other people. This set will be a very good pick for the kids and beginners alike. You will also appreciate its quality in-built speakers which allow you to share the music with friends. It similarly comes with a USB MIDI jack allowing you to easily connect it to the computer. Best of all, it has been availed at a very friendly price.


  • This is a professional roll up drum which comes with 8 demonstration songs and stores realistic drum sounds
  • It is easy to roll this drum set for storage allowing you to play anywhere and anytime you want
  • Its headphone jack design allows you to play the drum even at night without disturbing your neighbors
  • This set features high-quality dual speakers to give an excellent bass performance


  • Some people complained that the headphone jacks are not of good quality

7. QStyle Portable Electric Drum Set with Drum Sticks Pad for Kids, Teens, and Adults

This is a portable drum set which will help you play it as the pros do. It accompanies 8 demonstration songs and three rhythms for a better experience. Being made with environmentally friendly materials you can be guaranteed of safety. It will also be easily portable allowing you to carry it everywhere you will be going. It similarly has a headphone jack allowing you to play without bothering others. One additional feature which people always appreciate about this drum set is the fact that it can play different music styles. Its quality speaker also allows you to enjoy quality sound. This basically makes a perfect gift for everyone in your home who enjoys home entertainment.


  • This is a portable drum set which allows one to enjoy playing no matter when or where they are
  • The drum set produces realistic sounds which allow the player to have different musical styles like rock and Latin
  • Made with environmentally friendly silicone material and supports headphone output to reduce noise
  • The manufacturer has provided the drum set at a reasonable price in order to accommodate all budgets


  • The notes will register even if you do not hit the pads

6. ammoon Electronic Drum Set for Children and Beginners

This is a compact and portable digital system which will entirely replace the conventional drum set. If you are therefore looking for something which will save your space, this will be your ideal drum set. The set has been made to be used by kids, beginners, and the amateur payers. Coming at an affordable price, you will have every reason to purchase. For convenience, every pad has been marked with some pictures of the real-life drum to make identification much easier. With its 8 demonstration songs and three rhythms, you can be sure that your practice will be much easier. It is new in the market but with outstanding features.


  • Its dual power supply mode allows you to use either batteries or the computer power adapter making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • It has a compact and portable design which makes it ideal for people who are looking to save space
  • The drum set features a phone output jack allowing you to connect it to the external speakers
  • Every pad has been marked with a picture of the real-life drum making identification easy


  • It is still new in the market

5. ORASANT Electric Drum Set with Built-in Speaker & Headphone for Kids, Teens & Adults

The ORASANT drum kit might be new in the market but it has all the features you can ever imagine of. Its in-built speakers will give you a quality bass for the best experience. In case you are looking to practice at night, the headphone jack will allow you to connect the headphones with ease. As such, you will never disturb your neighbors. When charged to completion, it lasts up to 10 hours. This is one drum kit which everyone should purchase. Not only does this set come at an affordable price but also the purchase is risk-free. In case you are not satisfied with the item, you can be sure to have a refund of your money. Additionally, the customer service team is very friendly.


  • Comes with a 2400mAh battery which is easily rechargeable with a runtime of up to 10 hours
  • This is a risk-free purchase since it comes with a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied
  • High-quality in-built speakers with a headphone jack which will prevent any disturbances when playing
  • The professional drum set is easily portable allowing you to enjoy playing it everywhere and anytime


  • None identified

4. Elejolie Electronic Drum Set with Headphone Jack and In-built Dual Speaker

In case you are looking for a quality drum kit without having to spend a lot, this is one of the best picks. This is a space-saving kit which also comes as a perfect solution for all people with limited space. The good thing about this set is that it can be used by all people among them beginners, intermediate as well as the seasoned players. This drum kit similarly comes with an in-built speaker and a headphone jack as well. This will allow you to play the instrument either loudly or quietly. Its rechargeable lithium battery will last for up to 4 hours before a recharge is needed. Additionally, it comes in a lightweight allowing you to carry it everywhere you go.


  • The drum set is easily rolled up and comes in a lightweight design making it very easy to carry everywhere you go
  • Its audio input will match the mobile phone, the tablet and even PC for the best entertainment
  • The drum set is normally powered by a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 4 hours
  • Its headphone jack will allow you to play the instrument even at night without creating disturbances


  • None identified

3. MiniArtis Roll up Drum Set with Built-In Speakers and a Carrying Case

This is an electric and portable drum set which uses both USB and MIDI connections. Its lightweight and flexible design also allow you to use it anywhere you feel like. The set is operated by a rechargeable lithium battery which has a power retention ability of up to 8 hours for every charge. It similarly features eco-friendly material in its construction for the safety of the young ones. Additionally, you will be able to play the instrument either loudly or quietly. Its in-built speakers will allow you to share the music with other people. Alternatively, if you are looking to practice at night, the headphone jack will allow you to practice even at night.


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a friendly support team to give you a pleasant shopping experience
  • You will be able to play loud or quiet with its in-built speakers and the headphone jack
  • The drum set comes with percussion instrument which makes it ideal for kids and adults alike
  • It comes with 5A wooden sticks and a storage case which makes portability and storage hassle-free


  • Some users reported that the item only lasted for a short time

2. roboller Electronic Drum Set with Built-In Speaker and a maximum of 10H Playing Time

This is the next drum set which has been equipped with 8 demonstration songs and three rhythms. You can, therefore, expect to have a good experience with the set. Its foldable design and the collapsible drumsticks will give you an easy time carrying it everywhere you go. You also need to note that the accessory will work for up to 10 hours before a recharge is needed. Its quality in-built speakers on the other help in making sure that you get the best sound. If you are looking for a perfect gift for ceremonies like birthdays, Christmas for the kids and youths, this will be the ideal choice. You need to have maximum buying confidence since it comes with a warranty of one year.


  • This is a professional drum set which comes with 8 demonstration songs and three rhythms
  • High-quality in-built dual speakers to bring you an astonishing bass effect for the best practice
  • The manufacturer has provided a warranty of 365 days with a friendly support team
  • Bright multiple functions and a headphone output for the best experience


  • Some people complain that it is a bit tiny

1. PAXCESS Electronic Drum Set with In-built Speaker & Battery

On the first position is the upgraded version which has been made with nine sensitive pads. The main aim of this drum set is bringing the response of the actual drums. With this set also, you will be able to play different music styles among them being pop and Latin. Additionally, it will be possible to play music loudly to share with other people. Alternatively, you can use the headphones when you want to play quietly. You will also appreciate the fact that this drum set features a built-in speaker which will offer great sound quality. One more advantage of this drum set is that you can play it anytime and everywhere you want. This is because it is powered by a powerful lithium battery which has a runtime of up to 8 hours.


  • This upgraded drum set will bring a realistic drum sound and allows you to play different music styles
  • More flexibility with a headphone jack allowing you to play the instrument without disturbing others
  • This set will finally roll up for storage which helps to save space and also enhance its portability
  • It has been made with high-quality and food-grade silicone material for the safety of your kids


  • Horrible distortion at the headphone jack

Factors to consider when buying roll up drum kits

Sound quality

This will be the first thing to think of when buying these kits. You ought to select those drum kits which produce quality sound. Check to see the quality of its speakers if any. These are the ones which will determine the sound quality. You should also check to see whether it comes with an audio jack to allow you to connect the headphones.


The best drum kits are the ones which can be used anytime and anywhere. This is the reason you must check for the portability factor before purchasing. The size of your kit should be friendly enough also to help you save space in case you have limited space. Best of all, it should be easily foldable to make storage and transportation much easier.


You always have to plan a budget before proceeding to purchase. It is common sense that the more features the kit have, the higher the price will be. The bottom line is that you need to get value for what you will be paying for.


This marks the end of this review and it is our hope that you have learned a lot. There are so many roll up drum kits available but that should never be an issue. All the above picks come from well-known brands and you should, therefore, have enough confidence when buying. However, it would be wise to read through the entire review before you make up your mind. Additionally, the buying guide provided above will be of help in determining your best pick.

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