Top 10 Best Steering Wheel Locks in 2020 Reviews

In the world, we are living in today, stealing cars has actually become a common practice. As a measure to prevent this from happening, it is good to get yourself a steering wheel lock. These are accessories which have been in use for a long time. With cars getting more advanced, some high-tech features like the keyless entry systems expose the cars to theft.

Steering wheel locks will provide the best defense against theft apart from acting as a proper deterrent. In this guide, we shall have a look at the best steering wheel locks which are available in the market today. If you are a first-time shopper, there are no reasons to worry. Towards the end of the article, we have actually highlighted important factors to consider when picking a steering wheel lock.

The Best Steering Wheel Locks Reviews

10. MONOJOY Universal Steering Wheel Lock w/Emergency Hammer and 3 Keys

This is a steering wheel lock which has literally been to a fashion school. There are no bright yellows and reds in this lock. Instead, it comes in a polished steel design which makes it look even more stylish. Other than having a good look, the steel is very hard to make sure that it resists the physical attacks. The cylinder for this lock has a high level of security. This is because it actually resists power drills. Apart from that, you will appreciate that it comes with three unique keys. The good thing about these keys is that they are not subject to manipulation.


  • It has a metallic body frame to fully protect your vehicle. The lock is also made for all types of cars
  • It employs high-quality construction material which is resistant to hammering or maybe the Freon attacks
  • The laser-cut keys for this lock will be very hard to duplicate which gives you the peace of mind
  • It is very easy to attach onto the steering wheel and it locks automatically


  • Poor packaging and might arrive without keys

9. Partschoice Universal Steering Wheel Lock, T-Shaped Lock

This is an anti-theft steering wheel lock which has a universal design. You will appreciate the fact that it comes with unique keys which are almost impossible to duplicate. What this lock does is that it will disable the steering wheel from turning. This, therefore, protects the car from being stolen. The manufacturer has made this steering wheel lock in bright black and yellow cars which helps to alert the thief from a distance. It comes with two keys so you do not have to worry in case one key gets lost. The price for this steering wheel lock is just affordable for all types of budgets.


  • Universal and adjustable steering wheel lock for cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs
  • It comes with two keys which have a design which is very hard to duplicate for car safety
  • The steering wheel lock is simple to install and disables steering make it hard to steal the car
  • It arrives in black and yellow colors which will enhance visibility from a distance


  • There is none for now

8. Oklead Steering Wheel Lock Universal Design For Cars and SUV, 2 Keys Orange

This is another universal steering wheel lock which works for almost any type of car. You will be able to adjust the size of your lock’s body as per the actual situation. It also features quality steel materials allowing it to resist cutting, sawing or the Freon attacks. The manufacturer has made this accessory in a multi-functional design to. This is because other than locking the steering wheel, it acts as a self-defense tool if need be. You will also appreciate its compact nature so you will have hassle-free storage of the lock.


  • Baseball bat design which will lock on most vehicles like the cars, trucks, and SUVs making it convenient and practical
  • It features quality steel construction which can resist sawing, prying and even hammering
  • The lock has a solid body and can act as a self-defense weapon as well to smash the window to escape
  • Features a bright orange color for visibility. It also has a compact and lightweight design for easy storage


  • It is still new in the market

7. HAODELE Steering Wheel Lock |Anti-Theft Clamp with 3 Keys

This is one steering wheel lock which will be easy to handle, install and also remove. This lock comes with a cap which will prevent accidental damages to glass. The manufacturer has provided three keys for this lock which gives peace of mind if you are not the caring person. This lock is visual deterrent which will put off thieves from a far distance. To give you enough buying confidence, you will appreciate the money-back guarantee provided. The price for this lock is also very affordable across all budgets.


  • It features a patented and self-locking feature which makes it very convenient to use
  • Made of quality round steel and a premium alloy which is resistant to sawing, prying or Freon attacks
  • The customers enjoy a lifetime money-back guarantee which should give you enough confidence to purchase
  • It comes with three keys for the safety lock which are almost impossible to duplicate


  • The locking system might be problematic which makes the lock to jam

6. OKLEAD Universal and Keyless Steering Wheel Lock

This is a convenient lock for everyone looking for the best safety of their car. It is made with a quality alloy which is resistant to scratches, sawing and even prying. The lock offers you the keyless convenience eliminating the need to carry keys with you. Another convenient feature of this lock is that it has a universal design. That means that it will be useful for most type of vehicles. The fact that it comes from a reputable brand means that you should be confident to purchase this lock.


  • The lock has been made with heavy-duty materials which resist cutting, drilling or even sawing
  • It has a keyless design where you will be required to set your preferred password to unlock it
  • The universal design for this steering wheel lock allows it to be used in both commercial and domestic vehicles
  • It is made with a zinc alloy and a solid steel pipe which makes it very secure


  • There is none identified

5. RoterSee Universal Steering Wheel Lock (Stainless Steel)

This is a lightweight and compact steering wheel which has a weight of only 4 lbs. that means that it will be very easy to store the lock in the car when not in use. It is made of quality stainless steel material and pure copper on the cylinder. This makes the lock even more secure from physical attacks. You will also appreciate the fact that this lock takes a very short time to lock. Another great feature is that the upper part locks the steering wheel while the lower part locks the clutch. Its universal and adjustable design further guarantees that the lock will be used on a wide range of vehicles.


  • Made with quality stainless steel and pure copper on the cylinder which makes it more secure
  • It will only take a few minutes to lock and can be used both for AT/MT
  • The upper part for this lock will lock the steering wheel while the lower part will lock the clutch
  • Guaranteed customer satisfaction and in case of any worries, the support team will be ready to help


  • This steering wheel lock will not fit all cars

4. OKLEAD Keyless Steering Wheel Lock - 5-Coded for SUV Car

This is a universal steering wheel lock which offers you keyless convenience. It is made with quality zinc alloy and a solid steel pipe which guarantees you the best security. These materials are resistant from scratches, sawing, prying or any other physical attack. The colors used for this steering wheel lock are very bright to warn the thief early enough. Another convenient feature about this lock is that it is very easy to install not forgetting that the length for this lock is adjustable as well.


  • This steering wheel lock for cars is ideal for those steering wheels which have an inner diameter of 6 to 15 inches
  • Its unique design allows setting a personalized 5-password giving you the keyless convenience
  • It is very easy to install this lock and even adjust the length of its body as per the wheel’s inner diameter
  • The steering wheel lock comes with bright colors to give the best visibility both during the day and night


  • None identified

3. xj Car code lock, anti-theft protection with Adjustable Length Feature

This anti-theft bar will lock the car’s steering wheel to its brake pedal. The material used in its construction is hardened steel which is resistant from hammering or any other physical attack. You will also appreciate that the distance between the brake pedals and the steering wheel can be adjusted. This steering wheel lock gives you the keyless convenience. This, therefore, means that there will be no need for you to carry keys everywhere you go. Even though this steering wheel lock comes at a bit high price, you will definitely get value for your money.


  • This steering wheel lock has an adjustable length which will fit the steering wheels of most vehicles
  • An anti-theft device which is made from hardened steel making it very resistant to cutting or even hammering
  • It has been made to lock the car’s steering wheel to its brake pedal
  • The anti-theft device will withstand attacks like sawing, hammering or even drilling


  • It is still new in the market

2. AUTLY Universal Wheel Lock - Password Code Retractable

Here is another great option for anyone who is serious about their car’s safety. This steering wheel lock is durable and can rotate for up to 10,000 times. You will also enjoy the keyless convenience so you do not have to carry a key everywhere you go. One more feature which this lock boasts about is the multi-functional design. This is because other than car protection, it acts as a self-defense tool. The high-quality alloy used in its construction is water-resistant for convenience. This lock has a service life of at least 25 years which makes it reliable.


  • The steering wheel lock is made with quality rubber without gaps which makes it safer than its counterparts
  • Its sturdy lock body acts as safety protection for the car and will also double as a self-defense tool
  • The body is made with a reinforced alloy which makes it resistant to cuts, drilling or even smashing
  • Sponge-wrapped, scratch-resistant glass which gives the car’s interior a comfortable feel


  • It is a bit pricey

1. LC Prime Universal Steering Wheel Lock, Password Coded, Blue

On the first rank according to this review is the LC prime universal steering wheel lock. It is made to be used on the majority of cars which makes it convenient. You will also enjoy the fact that there is a pool of passwords to set for this lock. The body for this wheel lock is made up of reinforced alloy. This means that the lock will withstand hammering, cutting and even sawing. It is also made in a multi-functional design allowing it to double like a lock and a self-defense tool at the same time.


  • Password protected which makes it unnecessary to carry keys with you
  • The lock’s body is made with a reinforced alloy which makes it resistant from cutting, drilling or even sawing
  • Its strong versatility allows it to fit most vehicles both commercial and domestic
  • Multifunctional design since it can also be used as a self-defense tool if need be


  • This protection device is too small for an SUV

Factors to consider when buying steering wheel locks


You will want to get a steering wheel lock which is very easy to see. The explanation behind that is that the thief will be able to see it from a distance. In this regard, the steering wheel lock you choose should have more of the red and yellow colors. The colors will indicate that it will be too much hassle to break into the car leave alone stealing it.


This is the next feature that you ought to keep in mind before you can proceed to purchase. Most of these steering wheel locks will fit most steering wheels. You need to take a look at that hook opening gap. The best thing for you to do is purchasing a steering wheel lock which has a universal fit. This will help to secure any type of car that you own.

Attacks resistance

Whenever a thief breaks into your car, it means that they are determined to steal the car. They might have the tools to tackle the steering wheel lock. It is for this reason why you should pick a steering wheel lock which can resist the physical attacks for the longest period possible. This will, therefore, mean that they will make so much noise with the lock and attract your attention.


This is our list of the best steering wheel locks available today. It is our hope that this guide will be of great help to any shopper looking to get the best protection for their car. There are so many factors to remember before proceeding to purchase. Most importantly, make sure that the keys for the wheel lock cannot be duplicated. All the above selection have been made after careful consideration of these factors. Just make sure to read through the review and see what suits your car. All the best!

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