Top 10 Best Windshield Wipers In 2020 Reviews

Ultimately, perfect windshield wipers are the ones which fit well on the car. In most cases, the windshield wipers have been overlooked as far as car maintenance is concerned. You, however, need to know that this is a very important part of your safety. If your wipers are of low quality, you will definitely have poor visibility during the harsh weather. You no longer have to walk in person to the store to look for perfect windshield wipers.

In this article, we have reviewed some of the best wipers you might want to shop for. We understand that there are so many windshield wipers available today which might end up confusing the buyers. After reading through these reviews, be sure to find the best windshield wipers for your car. Towards the end of this article, we have highlighted some of the important factors you need to consider when doing the shopping.

Top 10 Best Windshield Wipers Reviews

10. AVA Silicone Windshield Wiper, All-Weather (Pack of 2)

Eliminate the frustration which comes when driving during the rainy weather by purchasing the AVA wipers. These are wipers which have been made to offer you a quiet, clear and at the same time clean windshields. They are made in a way that there is a reduction in the drag & wind lift. These are actually frameless wipers which deliver an all-season performance eliminating any ice buildup. Another thing you will appreciate about these windshield wipers is the fact that they are very fast and quick to install. In case you got any issues, the support team will be very ready to help you. You never have to worry about your tight budget since these wipers arrive at a very affordable price.


  • Quick and easy to install with 100% fitment guarantee
  • These wipers are frameless to deliver all-season performance
  • The silicone wipers will last 2 times longer compared to the premium wipers
  • Guaranteed safe driving enhanced by the superior windshield contact


  • These wipers will not fit all car models

9. MOTIUM OEM QUALITY Windshield Wiper Blades

Made with natural rubber, you can be sure that these wipers will resist cracking. This is a situation which is mainly caused by heat and cold. Apart from that, these wipers will offer a smooth and clean wipe. This is a result of the multiple press points which conform to the windshield of your car. These wipers accompany an OEM quality assurance which explains why a warranty of one year has been put in place. You will also appreciate the fact that these wipers feature a galvanized steel frame. This is an assurance that the wipers will be free from rust or corrosion. Additionally, the steel construction is a guarantee of strength as well as the durability of the wiper blades.


  • Galvanized steel frames which prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Made of natural rubber which resists cracking or tearing caused by heat
  • Provides a very clean and a streak-free wipe with its multiple press points
  • These wipers come with a warranty of one year to guarantee their quality


  • The blades might not clip on well which leaves some parts unwiped

8. Beigaon Beam Windshield Wipers, All-Season (Pack of 2)

The Beigaon wiper blades come with a U or J hook which makes it easy for one to install them. The blade strips are made of some silicone material which very soft for your windshield. Again, these wipers will fit perfectly onto your car and are capable of resisting heat or cold. You will be amazed to realize that these wipers have been made to last even 60% longer compared to the normal wipers. The water repellent coating makes the water easily bead off your windshield. Apart from that, the aerodynamic frame comes with equal pressure points to guarantee a quiet as well as a streak-free wiping. Generally speaking, these wipers have been made to be used during all weather conditions.


  • Made of quality silicone material which withstands the extreme weather conditions
  • Backed with a warranty of 6 months with friendly support which is easy to reach
  • They have a water repellent coating to optimize visibility
  • The aerodynamic frame comes with equal pressure points ensuring a quiet & streak-free wiping


  • These wipers are not meant for all models of cars

7. ASLAM Windshield Wipers: All-Season Blade (set of 2)

These wipers come as a pair of windshield wipers. The Type-G blades are easily going to fit the U/J wiper arms. Their galvanized steel sheet help in enhancing optimal windshield contact. With these wipers, you can be sure that the wipers will never leave any gaps during their operation. Again, you will appreciate the fact that these wipers will firmly stay in place. You deserve to have the best wipers and this is exactly the best option for you. The ease with which these blades are installed is something you are definitely going to like. With a guarantee of six months, you can speculate that the wipers have been made to last. Proceed to buy confidently knowing that these are wipers you can rely on.


  • Easy and quick installation with a guarantee of 6 months
  • Minimum audible noise with a guarantee of a longer life
  • These wipers will stay firmly in place for better performance
  • The pair comes at a budget-friendly price


  • They might leave marks when coming back downwards

6. METO T6 Windshield Wipers for All Seasons (Pack of 1)

Everyone will definitely feel confident to purchase from a brand which has been in the game for 15 years. These wipers feature quality material construction which is basically an assurance of longer service life. Again, the silence which comes with these wipers is comparable to the flipping of a book. This lets you enjoy listening to music in your car amid the rains. The manufacturer is unique in their own way since they provide a warranty of one year and a lifetime service. If you are looking to get a longer service life from your wipers, these are the wipers which you need. Though not that much flexible, these wipers are up to the task.


  • The brand behind these wipers boasts 15 years of quality production
  • These wipers are muted just like flipping a book
  • Their shell is made with PEET elastomer material for longer service life
  • Offers a clearer vision for a safe driving experience


  • The wipers are not flexible enough

5. Randalfy Windshield Wipers - 2 in 1 Design

On the fifth rank according to these reviews is the Randalfy wiper blade which is among the best brands in the market. What makes these wipers unique from the rest is the fact that they have very silent operation. You will, therefore, enjoy listening to your favorite music in your car regardless of the rains. Again, in case you are not satisfied with the purchase, you are assured of a refund of money in 45 days. These wipers feature a water-repelling coating making it ideal for the harsh weather conditions. This also makes the task of wiping the windshield much simpler. The wipers are a bit pricey but we assure you that they are worth purchasing.


  • These wipers support money-back guarantee within 45 days
  • They use a special aerodynamic spoiler to prevent wind lift
  • Frameless wipers which are anti-sunburn and also very easy to install
  • Made for the harsh weather conditions like ice, snow and even sleet


  • None identified

4. ABLEWIPE Windshield wiper blades (set of 2)

This is a direct replacement part which has been manufactured to come in place of the original wipers. One attribute of these wipers is that they are made to give you the best and highest performance. The wipers are cold resistant, durable and promise to go through several swings. Their high-quality framework, as well as quality, will give you the best vision. Since there are no extra tools needed for installation, you will appreciate the fact that installation will a breeze. Although they are still new in the market, you will realize that promises to bring a change in the industry. You, therefore, need to feel confident to purchase from this brand.


  • Quick and easy installation since there are no special tools needed
  • A high-quality framework to give you a better and clear vision
  • Durable performance with no noise even in the harsh weather
  • Guaranteed wiping durability with a warranty of six months


  • Still fresh in the market

3. OTUAYAUTO Windshield Wipers

This is a unique brand which is dedicated to bringing you the best accessories for your car and in this case wiper blades. These blades come as 2 pcs, one for the front and the other one for the rear side. The front one will be perfect for replacements. The other one will keep water and dirt away from the windshield. They are made in an assortment of colors from which one can select from. These are wipers which are made from the best quality rubber material to resist cracking mainly caused by heat. The galvanized steel construction, on the other hand, will ensure that these blades remain rust and corrosion-resistant. They have multiple press points to guarantee a smooth operation.


  • Multiple press points and fits perfectly on the windshield
  • AAA level rubber material which resists cracking brought about by heat
  • Galvanized steel frame which helps in preventing corrosion and rusting
  • These wipers come at a very affordable price to accommodate all budgets


  • These blades should be made more flexible

2. W-HERO Windshield Wipers with a Universal Fit

This is a conventional wiper blade which guarantees a universal fit. All the same, there are different blade lengths available for you to pick. The best part of these wiper blades is the fact that installation is a very simple task. What’s more, the pricing of these blades is very generous such that everyone will acquire them regardless of their budget limitations. You will also appreciate the fact that these blades feature an all-metal construction. What that means is that you will never have cases of corrosion or rust. Consequently, the blades are going to serve you for a very long time. Being made with natural rubber material, expect to have a silent operation of the blades.


  • These wipers are available in 16, 20, 24 and 26” lengths
  • Conventional wiper blades with a universal fit and very easy to install
  • All-metal construction to prevent rust and corrosion
  • The natural rubber material offers a silent as well as a streak-free wiping


  • None identified for now

1. Seatpod Windshield Wipers (Pack of 1)

These wipers arrive as a pack of one to with a length of 26 inches. The custom fit for the blade makes it a perfect replacement for the older wiper blades. You will be happy to realize that this wiper has a temperature tolerance of +158F. with these blades, you are assured that your windshield will remain clear and also streak-free to give you the best visibility. The aerodynamic design for the blades will significantly lower the drag, noise as well as the wind lift. In case you are looking to prevent any ice or snow build-up on your windshield, this is your perfect solution. Being priced affordably, you have all the reasons to acquire the wipers.


  • Premium performance wipers designed to leave the windshield clear and streak-free
  • Car wiper blades which guarantee clear vision in the harsh weather conditions
  • Made with natural rubber material for longer service life
  • The manufacturer has priced these wipers at an affordable rate


  • None identified

Factors to consider when buying windshield wipers


It is very obvious that cars are different in so many aspects. Your car will, therefore, require a different size of the windshield wipers. You must, therefore, keep this factor in mind when doing the shopping. The good thing is that there are those wipers which have been made to fit all types of cars. All the same, compatibility is one factor you should never ignore.

Ease of installation

Good windshield wipers are those whose installation can be done without any help from a third party. This will help you save time as well as money which could otherwise be used to hire an expert. Otherwise, if the installation is a bit complicated, you ought to make sure that an instruction manual has been provided in the package.


This is yet another factor which you need to put into consideration as well. You will be spending your own money. That means that purchasing those wipers which are not durable will be a waste of money. You should, therefore, make sure that the wipers you are about to buy can withstand the harsh conditions of sun, rain among others.


When selecting windshield wipers, you realize that there are so many options you can pick. Of course, we laid out some of the important factors you need to keep in mind when doing the purchase. We also laid out the best windshield wipers you will get in the market. You are therefore equipped with everything you need to go shopping. All of us will agree that windshield wipers play a vital role in guaranteeing our road safety. You, therefore, need something you can rely on. Any pick from the above list will be good for you.

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