How to get a healthy and intelligent baby

The intelligence of the baby develops right in the mother’s womb. Before I started my family I read books on this issue and followed the advice given. My sons are gifted and I shared with my relatives and friends and they also have children who are scholars.

How to get a healthy and intelligent baby

Mothers have first to be healthy before conceiving.

This will ensure a healthy baby. The brain starts developing in the womb as early as two weeks from conception After four weeks different parts of the brain develop and when the baby is eight weeks in the womb his taste buds develops and he is able to taste the food mother takes every day. That is why a mother should take healthy food when carrying the baby in her womb.

The next stage of development is hearing. Baby recognizes your voices even before he is out in this world. Mothers should talk to and sing to her baby. Get the rest of the family members to talk to him too. Best Sound Machines for Baby

Mothers should be happy and enjoy her pregnancy. Do not worry unnecessarily. Let nature takes its course. Do be happy as baby remembers these moments even after birth.

Babies develop the same way initially regardless of sex. It is at about seven weeks that the sex of a baby is determined and the brains start to develop at a slightly different pace.

Do remember to play soothing music and exercise to ensure a smooth delivery. Read aloud as the baby is hearing. Get your husband to participate in all this stimulation of baby.

During pregnancy be happy, eat healthy foods and exercise regularly

  • You and your baby are what you eat! Your diet should not consist only of foods you like, or what you feel like consuming or, in extreme cases, only of what you are able to take in. Eat for both your own and your baby’s well-being.
  • Exercise regularly and wisely. Seek first the advice of your gynecologist and then do the routines as taught. The Mother should have Best Belly Band for Pregnancy Support.

When a baby is born to continue to talk to the newborn and sign with her. This is the next stage of improving a baby’s intelligence. Read to know first so that mothers are prepared to enjoy every moment of pregnancy. enjoy with the 10 best pregnancy pillow 

Recent studies confirm the necessary support needed for new couples preparing to have children, especially during pregnancy. With recent announcements from the frontiers of longevity research declaring that babies born today could routinely live from 100-120 years and beyond, parents need to know how their lifestyle will affect their baby tomorrow for a lifetime.

Common sense tells us that pregnant moms should reduce and avoid stress but new research confirms how stress affects the longevity of life by shortening one’s telomeres, the caps on your chromosomes, considered the timekeepers of the cell, determining how long you’ll live and your susceptibility to future disease. Telomere shortening is not just confined to adults, recent studies show when cord blood is drawn from newborns, the babies whose mothers had experienced more stress when pregnant showed shorter telomeres than those moms who experienced easier or less stressful pregnancies. Healthy telomere maintenance doesn’t just start when you’re born but before you’re born.

The good news

Even if your first pregnancy was not ideal, adopting a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, exercise and a healthy spine and nervous system for you and your child, can lengthen your telomeres increasing the longevity of life and reducing the incidence of future degenerative diseases. The new science of epigenetics empowers us with the knowledge that we have greater control over our own and our baby’s destiny. This is a game changer for making the extra effort to create the healthiest opportunity for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Moms are the ones that most often take the lead in the health care of their family, raising up the next generation of healthy children. We now know that even before conception occurs a healthy, less stressful pregnancy can set the stage for a lifetime of health for mom and baby.

The old saying

you are what you eat, is especially true in regards to the health and creation of your baby. Begin by eliminating exposure to toxins, pesticides, and xenoestrogens that can pass to your baby. Begin quality prenatal vitamins several months before pregnancy with plenty of omega 3 fatty acids and other healthy fats and proteins so all the building blocks are available for healthy baby creation. Healthy fats found in olive, coconut, flax, and cold water fish are essential for mom and baby development, 50% of our brain and baby’s brain is made up fat called DHA.

A diet that includes these healthy fats reduces the incidence of post-partum depression dramatically. Listen to your cravings when pregnant, your innate intelligence is directing you to take in the vitamins and minerals you may need most-go with it.

Endurance achieved with regular exercises like walking, swimming, and yoga prepares the body well for labour. Maintaining and building up your strength with supervised light weight training and regular body squats will prepare you well for the endurance needed for a natural delivery.

The structure of your pelvis determines the function of your pelvis or your ability to carry and deliver a baby with less restriction, less intervention and less stress on mom and baby. Often if the pelvis and particularly the sacrum or tail bone are misaligned, this can put abnormal tension on the uterus leading to unnecessary stress upon the baby with potential back pain and sciatica through pregnancy and severe back labour during delivery for mom. Likewise, proper alignment maintained before and during pregnancy provides the greatest opportunity for efficient, natural and less stressful delivery, ushering in the best years of your life. Live well.

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If you take some type of delicate exercise day by day, you are ensuring you and the child are fit and sound. Exercise amid pregnancy is incredible for your wellbeing. You ought to know that your focal point of gravity is extraordinary and you may have balance issues. Try not to chance a fall. Your tendons are milder so any activity including turning or turning, similar to netball ought to be considered cautiously. Swimming is a fantastic exercise for the pregnant lady as it offers support for tendons and delicate obstruction for muscles.

Dodge pressure wherever conceivable. Because everything is turning out badly doesn’t mean you have to get disturbed. Venture back and take a full breath, and pass it to another person to deal with. Rather than focusing, unwind, converse with your child and take a walk or rests for some time. Let another person stress.


Here are the best 5 healthy and intelligent baby products

1. Wild-caught fatty fish

2. Fish roe and egg yolks

3. The liver

4. Fermented Spirulina

5. Fermented foods

Just try out these great foods to enhance your babies healthy and intelligence quotient.