How To Keep Body Fit and Strong

Being in shape can sometimes mean getting out of your comfort zone. Everybody wants a relaxed lifestyle with no struggles and less demanding daily schedules. Adding some workout or gym time to an already full timetable may seem like signing one’s death warrant. Finding balance in a busy world has even be proven almost impossible with everyone trying to catch up with their clients and various work projects. All these are, however, excuses for lack of proper planning and prioritization. Among the things, we should prioritize is our health.

For more than a century, the health awareness projects of exercising and eating healthy have remained a chorus most people are taking for granted. Majority of these people know how to keep body fit and strong but aren’t willing to go all the way. Keeping up a strong and shredded physique involves more than just the intense workouts and commitment to eating right. The whole process is about keeping a round-the-clock mindset of living fit and healthy.

The nitty-gritty of staying healthy and strong

To fully understand how our body works, it’s important to factor in the aspect of age and time. As time goes by, our bodies mature and become more inflexible. This also results in tissues becoming weak and weaker with effects being felt in our brain, vision, face and even skin. Apart from passing time, depression increases the aging speed with the help of stress hormone, cortisol. Most people start their day with stress; probably about the day’s hectic job, incomplete assignments, and commutation issues, etc.

Some of the basic body parts you need to take care of include; your brain, heart, face, vision, and hearing. A shift in the normal functioning of any of the parts above may drastically change the quality of your life. It’s therefore important to unwind your mind after a tough day at work through meditation or other brain-calming exercises such as Yoga.

To help rejuvenate your health, make sure you’re getting enough and quality sleep, 7-8 hours a day. A good balance of the essential vitamins such as vitamin C will go a long way in keeping your heart healthy with good odds of improved arterial flexibility. Vitamin A will also preserve and improve your eye vision.

Fitness can only be achieved through a commitment to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Below are some products that will help you to keep fit and remain strong without necessarily having to obtain a gym membership. These products are pocket-friendly and can serve you at the comfort of your home.

1. General purpose Exercise Mat

General purpose Exercise Mat

A high-quality exercise mat is essential for most home workout exercises. If you are using a hard surface to exercise, you should buy a mat with good thickness and a foldable one if you’re tight on space. Some mats offer a good grip and noise cancellation properties making them great for use with weights and for other strenuous exercises.

2. Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes

This may be the first time you’re coming across this but chances are, you’ve seen it somewhere. Battle ropes are strength training ropes that target the muscles in your back, abs, and glutes. While training with these ropes, you can incorporate movements such as lunges, jumps, and squats to activate and work more muscle groups. Battle ropes are quite essential for anyone looking forward to packing a lean mass.

3. Exercise balls

Exercise balls

Exercise balls are second to none when it comes to spine health, core stability, body posture, and balance. While other equipment emphasizes on doing the right things, exercise balls are there to make sure you’re doing things right. The ball can be used as a replacement for a chair when exercising.

4. Pull up bars

Pull up bars

It can be a doorway, wall mounted or ceiling mounted pull-up bar; provided it does the job. Pull up bars are a great addition to any workout equipment in your home. It’s one of the flexible tools you can use to do a variation of workout exercises that target the upper body; arms, core, abdominal muscles, and trunk.

5. Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a versatile piece of exercise equipment that can be utilized to work nearly every muscle in your body. They are quite cost-effective and adaptable for multiple fitness levels. They are different types of resistance bands that can be used to add variety to the existing workout exercises. Resistance bands are excellent for traveling and unlike weights, they’re easy to use alone without necessarily having to consult a fitness instructor.


Keeping fit and staying healthy is a choice that many people make but do not execute. It takes the efforts of a doctor to push some to start eating healthy and begin exercising. Things don’t need to end this way when you can commit 10 to 15 minutes of your 24 hours to some simple yet effective workout exercises.