Top 10 Best Backpack Cooler For Trip In 2019 Reviews

There is nothing that can ruin your anticipated trip like not having the appropriate gear. Your backpack should be one that can withstand any weather without losing its functionality. Having all that set in place, what should ring next in your mind is insulated ice cooler bag. Having the right ice cooler bag for your trip will guarantee a perfect time. Anyway who like having room temperature soda or lunch meals on a trip?

Not so long ago, things were much pretty, buying an ice bag for your planned trip would mean getting to the store, pick one among the identical products, then pay for it. In the current era, things got a little bit more complicated. The ice bag market is flooded with millions of nice looking identical products all claiming to be the best yet may not live up to their claim.

When you want to make a purchase, you will find it a daunting task to figure out exactly which product will best match your lifestyle and budget. Below we have highlighted the top 10 best ice cooler bag for a trip with lots of factors considered, which may help you find a product that works best for you.

1. YETI Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Sided - Cooler Backpack


Let storage of your food and drinks enough for you and your family or crew be no more an issue, YETI Hopper Backflip is here to solve your problems. YETI is made of high-density fabric which is resistant to water, puncture, mildew, and UV rays. Thanks no risk to your perishable staffs as YETI liner is embedded with FDA an approved quality food grade material.

YETI is superior when it comes to insulation. The closed-cell rubber foam on the walls provides maximum insulation to keep your ice cooler for a more extended period. Talk of the YETI’s zippers, made from the world leading most robust, waterproof, and leak-proof all for the safety of your staffs. The physical appearance is tall and broader for easy loading and equal distribution of load-weight. Further, shoulder straps are made available to ease the carrying and more comfortability while trekking.


  • Large storage capacity
  • More comfort and portable
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Super insulation


  • Hard to open zippers

2. MIER Waterproof Insulated Backpack Cooler


Mier, the best partner for your outdoor activities. Tall and broader to provide enough space for your items and the crew with easy loading while weight is evenly distributed. The cushioned adjustable backpack straps enhance comfortability for balancing the load.

Perfect durable outdoor bag since it is resistant to puncture, waterproof, and airtight with all the zippers waterproof also. You don’t have to worry about the temperature conditions of your food, Miers gives you a free hustle adventure. The walls are well embedded with thick foam that ensures your food is maintained cold for a more extended period. The interior lining is coated with antimicrobial BPA material, so your food is secure.


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Well insulated
  • Sufficiently spacious
  • Long lasting


  • Sticky zippers

3. Backpack Cooler - Solar Bear

By Solar Bear

When it comes to insulations, Polar Bear Coolers is comparable to none. It is thickly coated with high-density foam that can keep your stuff cold for up to 24 hours even in more than 100-degree heat. Talk of the interior lining, double coated with antimicrobial TPU nylon, so your perishable foods and drinks are safe, no worry.

The outer shell is sophisticated, which is UV resistant. The zippers are made of rust-proof super heavy duty material (weatherized ykk #10) with patent-pend sew design to prevent rip out of the zippers from your Bear cooler. Generally, the hardware of Polar Bear such as the zippers, tie down, and buckles are made of heavy duty ykk. A padded shoulder strap is included to enhance comfortability and ease of traveling with a sturdy bottom saddle to support your cooler once packed. As a bonus, a metal bottle opener is attached to zipper which you can use to open your drinks.


  • High performance in maintaining the ice
  • Long lasting stitching
  • Quality hardware
  • Guaranteed 100% refund in case of dysfunction


  • Minimal storage space

4. Soft Coolers Portable Cooler Backpack -Soft Sided

By CB Goats

If size matters a lot to you, then this is the product to go for. Soft cooler bag gathers for all your storage needs, the mesh loops fitted on the side pocket are designed for you to keep your keys, walking stick, bottle opener, and any other necessary item.

The soft cooler is made from 100% waterproof material with 100 % leak-proof zippers. The high-density fabric is embedded with closed-cell foam insulation of up to two inches, which can maintain your ice for more extended periods of up to 3 days. The method of carrying a soft cooler bag, either a backpack or shoulder bag depend on the user. The freedom is with you when moving with it, the rear straps are specially designed for enhanced grasp.


  • Super light and portable
  • More spacious
  • Maximum insulation, waterproof, and leak-proof
  • Easy to clean after every use


  • High demanding in terms of maintenance

5. TOURIT Leak-Proof Soft Sided Cooler Backpack


Have you ever wondered if there exists a lightweight ice bag yet durable? The answer is yes, TOURIT offers you such properties. The high-density insulation material, as well as the leak-proof inner lining, work harmoniously to ensure anti-leak properties are achieved and food temperatures are maintained for up to 3 days. With TOURIT, pockets are not an issue; it is equipped with multiple pockets suitable for keeping various items such as dry straps.

One main storage compartment and two upright side pockets all for your valuable items. The backpack straps make traveling with your necessities a fantastic experience. The straps are majorly used for balancing the weight-load, making this ice bag the best hiking or any other outdoor activity.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Effective even in varying conditions
  • Enhanced waterproof and leak-proof capabilities


  • Complicated zippers to use

6. Kyndley Backpack Rucksack-Leakproof Soft Lightweight Bag

  By Kyndley

Ever heard of Kyndley Backpack Rucksack? A perfect product not only for outdoor activities but also suitable for overnight stays and picnics. Kyndley is a double-decker ice backpack with collapsible coolers and a large storage compartment. Quality leak-proof and durable fabric is used in making Kyndley maintain your drinks cold and dry. Further, the heavy-duty polyester (600D) makes the product waterproof.

The shoulder straps are adjustable with full padded sections to ensure more comfort and enjoyment when walking with Kyndley ice bag on the back. Much attention has been paid to insulation, the inside of Kyndley is padded with high-density insulators to ensure your food temperatures are maintained for longer hours. Also, the thick layer of cotton enhances not only insulation but also an eco-friendly material.


  • Large storage capacity
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Quality and long lasting hardware material
  • Multiple uses


  • Compromised ease of use due to the floppiness

7. SEEHONOR Insulated Cooler Backpack


Seehonor is made with stylistic design with one primary compartment storage, two front zipper pockets divided with mesh, one zipper pocket on the lid, two sides mesh pockets, and one mesh pocket on straps, all provide to keep your outdoor necessities.

Seehonor is made heavy duty nylon which a durable material yet lightweight. No tear, no tear or scratch, indeed it is a valuable ice bag. The straps are adjustable for balancing the luggage and well-padded to enhance comfortability once you put it on your back. The insulation on the walls of Seehonor is enhanced by the thick leak-proof PEVA liner embedded aimed at ensuring that temperatures of your staffs are maintained for long hours. The zippers are also high quality and waterproof to prevent leaking from outside.


  • Sufficient storage capacity
  • Enhanced comfortability and easy to carry


  • Baggy and pack should always be upright

8. Igloo Outdoorsman Gizmo Backpack-Slate

By Igloo

Igloo Outdoorsman is an impressive ice bag you should have. Do you know why? Here are the reasons. Maximum foam insulations, about 25% extra, to maintain the cold environment to your food and drinks for more extended periods. The back pocket is designed for holding flat dry objects such as novels, magazines, and books, among others.

The straps are adjustable and air-padded to enhance comfortability and hands-free convenience. Further, it Igloo Outdoorsman comes with sternum straps for even distribution of load weight. The side mesh pockets have an elastic buckle to keep your beverages bottles intact and prevent the possibility of falling. Not to forget, Igloo is leak-proof and made of antimicrobial liner for your food and drinks safety.


  • Enhance comfortability, easy to use and carry
  • Extra space for dry storage
  • Nice and tight stitching
  • Super insulation


  • Minimal storage space

9. Apollo walker Collapsible - Extra Large Lunch Bag

By Apollo

A great product large enough to hold a day food and drinks for your family or crew. Multipurpose ice bag for any outdoor activity. As the name suggests, Apollo walker Collapsible has a detachable base insert for maintaining the shape when holding heavy loads. Has two ice boxes to preserve the food cold for a more extended period with closure for maintaining food temperatures.

Made of high rugged polyester canvas quality material with leak-proof lining for maximum insulation as well as easy cleaning. The shoulder straps are adjustable with padded handles to improve your convenience and comfortability in using it. Apollo walker Collapsible can be folded flat to save on storage space and portability. It has four small in-built elastic pockets where you can place your flatware.


  • Made of easy to clean aluminum foil lining
  • Nice and appealing shape
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Plenty of extra pockets for small items


  • Sticky zippers

10. Coleman NFL Soft-Sided Insulated Cooler Bag

By Coleman

The liner of NFL Soft-Sided is made of metallic antimicrobial foil, so be sure your perishable staffs are secure. The straps are adjustable for resizing fitting to ensure you attain comfortability and balance. Short for easy walking with it and broader opening for easy loading and off-loading your foods and drinks.

NFL Soft-Sided is made of high-quality material that doesn’t seem to break or tear no matter how much you squeeze your items.


  • Easy to load and off-load
  • Enhanced comfortability and portability
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Well insulated


  • Minimal storage space

What You Need To Take Into Considerations When Selecting Ice Cooler Bag For Trip

In the market, there are several cooler ice bags with different styles, looks, and models with each having merits and powerful functions. Therefore, it is imperative you take into considerations some factors before making a purchase, which includes but not limited to where to use, storage space, usability, and portability.


Go for an Ice Cooler Bag with the best insulation, because the more insulation will mean higher food storage capabilities. You’ll always retrieve everything that is held up in the ice, so it is necessary to be able to get them quickly.

Storage Space

The storage capacity of your ice bag should be dictated by the number of your items you want to walk with as well as the number of users in case of family or a crew.

Portability factor

Do you want an Ice Cooler bag that can be easily be moved around? No one would like to walk with an ice cooler bag that would disappoint or feel uncomfortable with.

Environment of usage

Where to use the ice bag should be factored in as well as the amount and material of insulation. Different ice cooler bags depending on insulations properties work best in different ecological conditions, so it is vital to factor that.


All the products mentioned above work best and are numbered arbitrarily only that they possess different features to suit your preference. Whenever you make up your mind and want to make the best selection that you will never regret buying, then purchase any of the above-reviewed product. We are much optimistic that within the products mentioned above, you will find at least one cooler ice bag that matches your needs and budget. Take time, review your specific needs and budget, and we are pretty sure you won’t miss here your final decision. Our guide guarantees the best results. Try it today, and you will thank us later.

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